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    13 Nov 2006, 20:47 by Rydlyms

    I had some big... artists and tracks this week... mixed around my charts quiet a bit.

    Alright... last week I rocked Amerie 412 times haha -- that's outrageous. But then again, so is her mixtape... it's crazy! If you haven't heard it yet, DO SO!

    "Take Control," "Money In The Bank," "Weekend Love," and "Get Gone" are all my favorite tracks... their the absolute best!!

    JoJo continues to pretty much dominate, however... Amerie's kicked her out of #1... (don't worry JoJo -- I still like you!!) "This Time"... keeps the fire going -- being the track I listen to most, although "Too Little Too Late" is still my overall played track.

    Monica has been in the Top 10 for about two months now... this week though, I'm not sure how many spins she'll be getting -- it's that Amerie mixtape that's going to be played out like crazy.

    On top of that, Nicole Scherzinger jumped into my Top 50 this week, her song "Steam" is great. …