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    this is the EDM anthem!
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    Love this ever since I first heard it in Trainspotting [2]
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    The best bit is the drums, especially when they kick in at the same time as a good pill and the strobe starts going.
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    fuck the neighbours turn it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Love this ever since I first heard it in Trainspotting.
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    Kees fave...whoah
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    Nice 1 bruvah! I said, Nice one bruvah!!!
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    a euphoric trance ruined by thump thump thump thump
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    Romford!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great track but Danny Boyle can shampoo my arse!
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    Mega mega white thing :)
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    Has this on vinyl original (no lyrics) version and still think cowgirl/rez are better tracks and dubnobasswithmyheadman is their best album.
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    One of my all time favorites!!!!!!
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    if you're listening to the song with the lyrics that keep repeating the word "boy", the correct name of the song is actually "Born Slippy .NUXX"
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    Long version is mental!
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    Bravo Danny Boyle ! Yesterday's Olympic opening was just awesome.
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    der Bass ist Himmel und Hölle !!!!
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    it neutralizes me, always
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    damn this brings back memories
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    HoneyWhytHorror, I couldn't agree more.
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    So much love for this song.
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    Rock !!!
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    You know how they say scent is the one sense human's have which is most strongly connected with memory? Well, whether or not that's true, to me, my strongest sense attributed to my memory is sound-- and this track, Born Slippy by Underworld, no matter what I'm thinking or doing at any given random moment, as soon as I hear any part of the organized noise that is Born Slippy, my memory will take me into a whirlwind of occasions, emotions, events and places I haven't thought of nor even been to for up to and including the past 12 or 13 years. There are several songs/tracks/noises that can inflict such an amazing gesture unto me unlike any other attainable human sense.
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    Awesome Track!!!....................Lov It !!!........................................
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    I sank some ale to this tune I can tell you. Shame the film was grossly over-rated, but can't have everything, eh?
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    this makes me wish i was some cool scottish bloke in the 90s. like sick boy
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    Never forget when they played at Hollywoods nightclub behind Romford station classic night.
  • Avatar for nurby12
    Going back to Romford oh yeah my hometown
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    Now that's what I'me taaaaaalkin about :)
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    you just can't not like this song.
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    yet another shiver down my spine ...... it's great
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    Brilliant piece of music.
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    The only dance track I have ever loved...
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    I miss the 90s :(
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    Born Slippy .NUXX is better...
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    Blonde goin' back to Romford...mega mega mega mega goin back to Romford *buys ticket*
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    I hate this genre with a passion, but I'm i love with song regardless


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