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There are multiple bands with this name:
1. a straight edge hardcore band from Seattle, Washington
2. a German metal band
3. a Russian alternative metal band

1. Undertow was a straight edge hardcore band from Seattle, Washington active during the early-mid 1990s. They were one of the first bands to combine elements of heavy metal with hardcore in order to create a unique heavy hardcore sound. They released material on Indecision Records, Bloodlink Records, Excursion Records, and Overkill Records. Indecision Records recently released a comprehensive discography titled Everything, which features 28 tracks spanning Undertow's entire active period with John Pettibone on vocals.

* John Pettibone - vocals
* Mark Holcomb - Guitar
* Demian Johnston - Bass
* Ryan Murphy - Drums

* Undertow/Groundwork split 7", Bloodlink Records
* Undertow/Resolution split 7", Overkill Records
* Edge of Quarrel CD/7", Overkill Records
* Undertow/Struggle split 7" - 1992, Bloodlink Records
* Stalemate EP/7" - 1992, Excursion Records
* At Both Ends CD/LP - 1993, Excursion Records
* Control EP/7" - 1994, Overkill Records
* s/t Compilation 7" - 2004, Indecision Records
* Everything Discography - 2004, Indecision Records

2. Undertow is a German band, founded in November 1993. The band has released six albums so far and was ever since confronted with the press comparing them with Crowbar. Meanwhile, Undertow eventually have evolved in a more unique sound combining elements of doom, thrash metal and hardcore. They have played numerous tours sharing stages with bands Crowbar, Pro-Pain, Eye Hate God, Hypocrisy, Katatonia and many more.
* Joachim „Joschi“ Baschin - Vocals, Guitars
* Rainer Pflanz (seit 2004) - Drums
* Thomas "UnderTOM" Jentsch - Bass
* Slope (1997, self produced)
* Harm on E (1999, Sub Zero Records)
* Unit E (2002, Silverdust Records)
* 34CE (Threeforce) (2003, Silverdust Records)
* Milgram (2006, Silverdust Records)
* Don't Pray To The Ashes… (2010, Prevision Music / Supreme Chaos Records)

3. http://vk.com/utonemanband

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