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  • hahaha! one of them's quite fat!
  • love this photo <3 *o*
  • family photo <3
  • Ryan Russell is the best
  • lays.. hehe eat.. me dio hambre hehe>> all beautiful :D
  • I`m so tired of this photo.
  • Welcome*
  • School Lunch. &Screw Religion. Meat is better.
  • You make no sense at all poopymcfart. What nutritional value is there in rocks?
  • fat mucles
  • You make no sense at all.
  • Benji you fail at life. Like someone pointed out before. Jesus fed his believers/followers 5,000 fish. Fish are part of Gods creation. Obviously Christians can eat meat.
  • Love this one. :]
  • chips Lays mmm)
  • makes me hungry
  • up 222
  • HAHA u guys suck
  • lol AlwaysBenji srsly
  • who said that the christians should be vegetarians? Jesus Christ fed 5,000 people with fish. Fish is a God's creature, soooo?
  • You cannot be Christian and simultaneously consume animals; the two ideologies are wholly incongruous. Also, this band fucking sucks a lot, and at least two of the fucking dropkicks in this picture smoke cigarettes tested on live animals. FUCK UNDEROATH. DROP HUNTINGDON LIFE SCIENCES. UNTIL EVERY CAGE IS FREE. xSTAND AGAINSTx
  • Great band.
  • are creations of God, we are his children
  • homework, just shut the fuck up. also, christians should be vegetarians, animals are also God's creatures.
  • how black and white effects can turn the dumbest pictures cool... :D
  • they eat shit like mcdonald's fffs.
  • всем нужно много кушать)
  • luvly
  • English FFS
  • Dart_Nory пишет: Тебе это так важно?! Это мне вопрос адресован?
  • вокалисту нужно много кушать)
  • Тебе это так важно?!
  • Bon appétit! ^^
  • favoite uo picture for sure. does anyone who the photographer is?
  • жаль что не вегетарианцы))))))
  • This one's wonderful. <3
  • very good ,
  • great pic
  • greate!:D
  • ace pic :D
  • the varsity, ftw.
  • i think i would flip shit if i walked into mcdonalds or whereever and saw this lol
  • haahha thats kinda awesome

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