• Die Human Scum @ Loophole

    8 Sep 2009, 14:28 by ArcH13

    Sat 5 Sep – Die Human Scum


    This review/journal isn't probly necessary as Andrew McIntosh's (Screwtape) review in
    Kyles Journal covers it all. But anyway, I like to review all the gigs i go to so...

    Sadly I missed Screwtape's short preformance, as I was at the fish and chip shop... Stupid me. Aparently it could be likened to a tram derailing...

    I also missedd the start of Fuck, The Retarded Girl, but I think I caught most of it... Solid set from Kyle, verging on HNW for some of it, very dence, made the PA give off a melting smell.

    After was Undecisive God an interesting preformance, of minimal effects (3 I beleive, wah, overdrive and delay/loop) and unplayed/wrongly played guitar. He conjured up some interesting sounds, and was quite captivating for parts.

    Next Ebola Disco grumpy Power Electronics with a dark industrial edge. I didn't really pay enough attention to their set to sumerise it properly, but what I saw was good.

  • Sat 5 Sep – Die Human Scum

    6 Sep 2009, 00:13 by AppleKabukiSuri

    Sat 5 Sep – Die Human Scum

    Written by Andrew McIntosh (Screwtape)

    Die Human Scum the next day and the promise of The Noise being brought was well and truly delivered - by everyone except me. I decided to wuss out in frustration of constantly fucking up my own gear by stupidly placing it too far away from everyone and thus dragging it with me when I started jumping on people, and the microphones deciding to play funny fuckers. Thing was, the feeling was just gone suddenly and like a diva I just decided in a split second to not go on fiddling around with my own gear. No point giving all when there's nothing to give. I must admit I felt embarrassed and ashamed (and left wondering if people weren't going to think I'm some kind of flake and never want to book me for a gig again) but as I was organising the gig I thought I'd give myself some slack and let the others Noise on instead.