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  • Avatar for martu12
    As the first person to post here in 4 years, let me say: "eh, whatever".
  • Avatar for luckystoned
    good guy :)
  • Avatar for hollysickle42
    "Smile" reminds me someone special I haven't met yet ._.
  • Avatar for Anne1806
    Drift away <3 (aber die Coverversion von Tom Beck ist auch geil!)
  • Avatar for heartshred
    "Smile" reminds me someone special. [3] ♥
  • Avatar for jessy_mtp
    "Smile" reminds me someone special. [2] ♥
  • Avatar for lunaticreep
    you make me dance like a fool.. just the thought of you can drive me wild.. oh you make me smile.. :')
  • Avatar for giowbr
    Fall out of bed sing like bird
  • Avatar for czokladowa
    you make me smile like the sun :)
  • Avatar for Berni52
    Super !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for ronjamoi-
    another love song ♥
  • Avatar for jr2280
    What 'Chu Lookin' At?
  • Avatar for DJSMusicfactory
    "Smile" reminds me someone special. Great song and good memories. Love it!!!
  • Avatar for MPilha
    Conheci e curti seu trabalho a partir da trilha sonora do filme Bater ou Correr (Shanghai Noon), que toca nos créditos finais. Muito show mesmo!
  • Avatar for PauloAAR
    you make me smile like a sun <3
  • Avatar for Pasana
    Smile <3
  • Avatar for jjons69
    follow me<3
  • Avatar for ManipurTV
  • Avatar for xPyros
    WTF awesome profile pic
  • Avatar for Adsj18
    i like "Smile"
  • Avatar for Phyllismarty
    This guys music is awesome so many of his songs are great
  • Avatar for LeH450
    Damn, it feels Good To Be Me ♥
  • Avatar for hulkster44
    Smile ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Avatar for Pipp09
    Smile <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for Gray-nee
    ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Avatar for crazychrisr92
    Drift Away will always be my fav it will never be topped. (2)
  • Avatar for focus_band
    you make me smile <33 [4]
  • Avatar for paulbd
    Look at @STIGGPWNZ's avatar while listening to Good To Be Me. It's hilarious!
  • Avatar for killsting
    Happy Hour: The South River Road Sessions is better than last album~!!!
  • Avatar for fynadeeya
    You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe Shine like gold, buzz like a bee Just the thought of you can drive me wild Oh, you make me smile :)
  • Avatar for merementz
    6.23.10 ATL !!!!
  • Avatar for shirster
    you make me smile <33 [3]
  • Avatar for unwrittenx vote pls :)
  • Avatar for lilsticks
    smile <3<3<3
  • Avatar for ThatJohny
    uncle cracker is simple but very awesome.
  • Avatar for STIGGPWNZ
    Uncle Kracker FTW!
  • Avatar for clintbeed6793
    Drift Away will always be my fav it will never be topped.
  • Avatar for Roxanne1990
    not enough people know about him, it's sad. he is way awesome!
  • Avatar for Game_Lover
    uncle kracker kool!
  • Avatar for justcisca
  • Avatar for Sportsnut
    New album is really great!
  • Avatar for wingkon
    drift away is good
  • Avatar for FuckHearts
    Same thing with me. Checked the website till february 09 and then kinda gave up on the new album. Still a pleasant surprise!
  • Avatar for markhimself
    Yeah it came as quite a shock to me. I checked his website every few months or so for 2 years to find the same stale news. And then last week, BOOM! New website, new album, new everything. Out of no where! As excited as I was, it was also disappointing to not hear a word about this anywhere..
  • Avatar for FuckHearts
    Yeah I already have it! Can't believe that i heard nothin' of it...
  • Avatar for markhimself
    FuckHearts, his new album came out in September.
  • Avatar for FuckHearts
    It's a shame that he's considered a one-hit-wonder everywhere because every album has so much great songs. Any words on a new album anywhere?
  • Avatar for PooieHead
    smile is kinda nice:)
  • Avatar for tcatron565
    How is he a one hit woner? I heard "Follow Me," "Drift Away," and "In a Little While" all the time. Actually, "Drift Away" did better in the US than "Follow Me" did. "Smile" is also becoming pretty popular.
  • Avatar for hugh027
    eh, one hit wonder.


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