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  • masterpiece
  • yıllardır dinlediğim albümlerin başında geliyor. empyrium ile birlikte her zaman baş köşemde olacak bu albümde. Plak versiyonu olsa çok daha iyi olurdu !
  • Kledt i nattens farger <3
  • i am really enjoying this album, so deep and beautiful and so relaxing
  • @arjkennedy Try [url=http://www.lastfm.es/music/Death+in+June]Death In June[/url] and [url=http://www.lastfm.es/music/Sol+Invictus]Sol Invictus[/url].
  • Definitely my favorite ulver album!
  • my fav from them at the moment
  • @arjkennedy newer Drudkh.
  • bu albümü tanıdığım insanların çoğundan daha fazla seviyorum.
  • arjkennedy: Try [artist]Agalloch[/artist] and [artist]Les Discrets[/artist].
  • Any recommendations for stuff similar to this? I have zero clue about acoustic or 'neofolk' music but I absolutely love the feeling off this album.... Any suggestions greatly appreciated...
  • This album is a masterpiece, no matter the point of view.
  • I love this album!
  • Great album.
  • Absolutely enjoyable.
  • 1,233 plays in my library
  • Majestic, i am going to cover many tracks!
  • beautiful
  • Absolutely fantastic..
  • don't know what i'd do without it
  • One of my favourite albums ever.
  • This is brilliant.
  • just listening to it again after quite some time... still sending shivers down my spine
  • Awesome Album
  • Nice, but compared what this guys can really do...
  • Очень проникновенная и одухотворенная работа!
  • Beautiful album.
  • just beautiful better than other neo folks albums from artists such as Vali, Tenhi, Neun Walten and the likes
  • we dont
  • Best Ulver album so far, if you ask me.
  • Dear Mr. Kveldssanger Even though I never met you, I think I'm in love with you. I really love to hear your voice and I don't care that you repeat yourself everytime i listen to you. I want to have children with you, even though I'm against gaycouples adopting children, but you would be the best father for my children. I'm going on a journey, just to find you. Regards, bedschibaer
  • v I wuz jokin :o
  • Just kidding... CypheroN doesn't know shit about music. I totally agree GenocideGod, he's the man!
  • beautiful
  • AWESOME! Luv it!
  • GenocideGod is quite right. They haven't recorded the best acoustic folk and electronic/ambient longplay. It's an excellent material, but not the best in it's genre FOR SURE.
  • CypheroN is quite right.
  • I think you're giving them too much credit. They are not the masters of the electronic styles they use on their later albums, though most of what they did with their folk/black metal albums was pretty damn amazing and obviously influential. I do think their electronic work is good (as well as highly respectable), but to say they made "the best" in such a wide variety of genres is more than a bit silly.
  • Are there any bands/albums similar to this ? Most "neofolk" stuff I listned to can't really reach this awesome album's unique style.
  • yeah, one of the greatness neofolk albums.
  • clean energy
  • one of the best albums ever created [2]
  • breath taking.
  • Fuck Bright Eyes and Vampire Weekend, this is REAL folk.
  • one of the best album ever created. imho.
  • good record.
  • Pure norwegian clime!
  • [user]Baggypipes[/user] ...don't get more recognition?! Hey, are you waiting to see Ulver one day on MTV? Ulver has an aim-public and it has a group of followers on diverse segments of alternative music. Since headbangers as me, until electronic music addicters. Keep this band away from mainstream spotlights. By the way, I truly love Kveldssanger


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