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  • after 15 years still the best album i've ever heard
  • Black&folk mixed in great northern tale cocktail. Nice!
  • Great Album. But what the hell is here wrong with the sontitles? -_-
  • Black Metal with clean vocals?? Is this for Real?? AWESOME!!
  • Atmosphere perfectly captured. Wicked/Heavenly mountains nature
  • far and away the best metal album ever. From any subgenre. [2]
  • No Agalloch without this.
  • Also, if you want the official song translations, they're: "Part I - Led Astray In the Forest Darke", "Part II - Betwixt Cragges A Descending Sunne", "Part III - She Senses Eyne of Grey", "Part IV - A Voice Beckons Her", and "Part V - Spellbound - Into the Mountains". Obviously not literal.
  • This isn't the correct album title either, so it doesn't really matter. http://www.last.fm/music/Ulver/Bergtatt%20%E2%80%93%20Et%20eeventyr%20i%205%20capitler
  • For the love of god already, fix the song titles!

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