• Top 10: 15-22 Jan 2006 (with special honorable mentions!)

    23 Jan 2006, 07:42 by roundthewheel

    Let's start this week's Top 10 rundown off with a special happy birthday to my brother, who turned the big important number 18 yesterday. Maybe he'll get off his lazy duff and get that driver's license now ;D

    And now, this week's top artists:

    Honorable Mention: Social Distortion, Mannheim Steamroller, Greyboy Allstars (10) - Technically, the Greyboy Allstars should be in the number ten slot this week with twelve plays, not The Beatles with their paltry eleven. Apparently, however, "Greyboy Allstars" and "The Greyboy Allstars" constitute two different artist tags. I wish I had realized this before spinning A Town Called Earth in its entirety. No matter - it was a decent album, and I was especially piqued by the closing track, Sportscaster. All albums making this Honorable Mention slot were part of my huge Amazon windfall that finally hit my doorstep this week.

    Greyboy actually came on XM the other night while my brother and friends were in the car…
  • Top 10: 1-8 Jan 2006

    11 Jan 2006, 05:16 by roundthewheel

    Holy crap! It's Tuesday night and I haven't done my weekly Top 10 rundown yet! I'm sorry, I must have gotten distracted by the likes of my first two purchases of the new year: The Sunlandic Twins and Chocolate & Cheese. Alert readers may recall last week when I said I'd likely be purchasing an album by both of those artists by year's end. Should have made that week's end. I just couldn't resist. I have a little over $300 left until my checking account is thoroughly depleted, and I'm buying CDs two at a time. Time to start the job hunt - tomorrow! Tonight, I write!

    7. Yes, Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, Keller Williams, moe. (8) - A good example of the weird equality with which I tend to listen to most artists that I like a lot but don't quite love past a certain point on the Top 10. I also listened to exactly eight songs by four other bands this week as well, the difference being that they weren't lucky enough to make the Top 10 (no surprises among those except for Deep Purple
  • Ulu - Live at the Wetlands Preserve NYC 11.19.99

    4 Jan 2006, 20:48 by roundthewheel

    Written around the middle of the disc that contains the nine tracks that make up acid jazz/funk outfit Ulu's Live At Wetlands Preserve NYC 11.19.99 is an exhortation to "save the world from mediocre music". In a way, this small statement places a jinx on the album before one even places it in their CD player. I don't know how long I spent pondering those six words before I finally moved on and pressed the play button. I know I did it before the muted sitcom on the television at the time ended, but it felt like hours.

    I own another live album that was recorded at the now-defunct Wetlands music scene - Robert Randolph and the Family Band's - so when I bought this one, I was operating at least partially under the mistaken assumption, which came about as a result of an idea, cultivated from my impressions of the Robert Randolph album, that all musicians who played at the Wetlands seemed to really tear it up there - that the place brought out some heretofore untapped animal intensity…