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  • Avatar for tarkmeenia
    Sad fact that Far Trains is out of print. He could really create new album. I've waited too long...
  • Avatar for cupido
    Far Away Trains Passing By is just beautiful. A Strangely Isolated Place hasn't gotten to me yet though. Have to listen to it once more I guess...
  • Avatar for Goblim
    Very good electronic feelgood-music.
  • Avatar for LilTheater
    It sure is, definitely one of my favourite CDs. I ordered Far Away Trains Passing By a few days ago, can't wait to get my hands on it!
  • Avatar for aquaduck
    best music ever. period.
  • Avatar for b0Olean
    Schweet Muzak ;) The *real* dream_away_experience ;)
  • Avatar for gertas
    Try with traveling. Highly recomended - train, plane everything you want. I had best day dreaming trips with Ulrich! I need more!!! ([-.-])~
  • Avatar for UhOhZombies
    audio candy.
  • Avatar for aquaduck
    soooooooo good
  • Avatar for farangstar
    nur so weiter!
  • Avatar for static_cold
    Ive just discovered Ulrich....where have i been!!! such talent, a mixture of different styles blended together to make some of the most beautiful music this planet has heard.
  • Avatar for DevilCreep
    Some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard.
  • Avatar for Crack0rn
    Yet another proof that Germans own. :P
  • Avatar for scifish
    saturday morning, sun is shining and i am sitting with a coffee on my terrace and listening to ulrich schnauss. heartwarming and worldimproving.
  • Avatar for jasperboer
    I really LOVE Ulrich Schnauss! Check out [artist]jap jap[/artist] for similar music... Cheers!
  • Avatar for photobean
    makes my heart move
  • Avatar for aaerox
    Absolutely amazing music. If you're here just browsing, procure some albums right now. :p
  • Avatar for qafters3
    What else can I say? The best
  • Avatar for Michikawa
    Wow! Wonderful stuff!
  • Avatar for mantrasoul
    great powerfully positive musical mana
  • Avatar for lharp
    Ulrich's music is just wonderful which makes me feel so happy!!!
  • Avatar for heartfeltrobot
    Ulrich's music transports you. For me, it's sitting in the Hookah Dome in the middle of the desert at Burning Man, listening to a fantastic DJ, sipping mint tea, snuggling up close with my dear friends, blowing smoke rings and discussing the finer points of theoretical physics and how we can manipulate them to create our own perfect world. He'll transport you, too.
  • Avatar for LilTheater
    This guy is incredible! A Letter from Home and Clear Day, in particular, are such sublime pieces of music.
  • Avatar for dudge
    Beautiful beautiful music
  • Avatar for lyxar
    according to, there seems to be a collaboration between manual and ulrich schnauss in the works!
  • Avatar for Jasmic
    I totally agree Bliss...I am listening to In All The Wrong Place right now, and it is fantastic.
  • Avatar for bliss000
    Sublime . . .


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