• Sharpen your Teeth or Lay Flat review

    26 Mar 2006, 21:22 by mucus_attack

    So, I thought I'd write something about an album that I think should get more recognition. But then I remembered that can't write if my life depended on it. Oh well.
    The album begins with Barnacles a down-beat, mellow song with lyrics of doom like the chorus- "We clung on like, barnacles on a boat-even though the ship sinks you know you can't let go." And you become very comfortable with the mellow yet somewhat depressing tune as it drags on and you start hearing nicer things like "boy's first book of stars" and "saw it as satellite...constant unblinking..." The song finishes, leaving you dreamy and soothed. All of a sudden the low, pounding sounds of Spilled Milk Factory interrupt the silence. The obscure lyrics begin with "tease your neck, kiss your spitless mouth." The singing harmony between a normal, sane voice and a high pitched voice, screaming the words said by the first voice.
    Sharpen your Teeth goes on to Parasites. …