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There are at least 4 artists by the name UR:

For the Detroit technos see Underground Resistance.

1) UR is one of the seven Secret Chiefs 3 sub-bands, focused on "Americanized Easternisms" and other types of fusion music. UR has so far released three singles: Kulturvultur/Drive, Circumambulation/Labyrinth Of Light and The Left Hand Of Nothingness/Personnae: Halloween, the final one being a collaboration with The Electromagnetic Azoth, also a sub-band of Secret Chiefs 3. A full album is rumored to be in the works.

2) band from Germany named after the alternative name for aurochs.
The band released their self-titled three tracks debut Ur in 2013 through bandcamp.

3) Black metal act from Spain. Sole member is Arghura.

4) Ur is a fairly new industrial music project having been formed in early 2005 by Italian musicians Federico Esposito and Mauro Sciaccaluga. Since the inception of the project Andrea Ferraris has joined the ranks of Ur flushing out the all Italian crew.

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