• Recommended Songs -- new tool discovery!

    17 Apr 2009, 04:54 by AdriaNnLA

    Ok, so a significant part of the draw to Last.fm has always been the recommendations.

    You listen to a bunch of tracks that you like and through the magic of databases, algorithms, and other listeners with similar tastes; you're presented with artist recommendations courtesy of the machine.

    Their used to be a sweet feature subset of the recommendation engine that allowed groups and other users to send you recommendations to which you could also mix in to your musical discovery journey.

    Unfortunately with the most recent 'overhaul' of the site, group recommendations went away completely and personal recommendations went to pot. Instead of being displayed on a singular page and allowed to populate a radio stream of unbroken recommendations, they now appear in your inbox where you have to sample them one-at-a-time.

    Not nearly as fun nor conducive to the discovery listening process. :-(

    I'd previously found a tool (I'll stick a link in here later) that would scrape some of your…
  • //i'm a little girl && i'm a little princess

    23 May 2006, 02:24 by star-samurai

    ((belated)) week of may seventh through may fourteenth two thousand and six

    //top three artists of the week\\
    o1) Underworld ~ No surprise here. x)
    o2) Paul van Dyk ~ Can't remember what I listened to a lot of. Probably Face to Face. *shrugs*
    o3) Pendulum ~ Newcomer within my top three. But this is mainly because of my addiction to Hold Your Colour and Streamline and repeating them so much. But those are really good songs. I gotta search for more.

    Why was I so unactive last week? Simple: the Underworld live broadcast. Ever since I downloaded the whole thing, I've been listening to it nonstop, not editing its original tag. So I turned off the recording thing for a while. Well...a long while.

    //top three songs overall\\ as of may twenty second (though, not accurate)
    o1) Born Slippy.NUXX (Deep Pan) ~ Somewhat of a no surprise. I love this version a lot.
    o2) Born Slippy (Rick's 2003 edit) ~ I have no idea how to rename it though. …