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  • Avatar for bkelleher
    quite good
  • Avatar for anton130790
    big love
  • Avatar for MooniePwns
    Their best tune, imo
  • Avatar for WiBoog
  • Avatar for DrewciferCDXX
    It stays crunchy, even in milk!
  • Avatar for devision6
  • Avatar for snuphotography
    freaking awesome
  • Avatar for skank_pit
    like a German Power Plant
  • Avatar for flubbles1982
    cerebral fuckery
  • Avatar for jatmoos
    great beats!
  • Avatar for terkaaa
    this song was part of the radio show - Guns Of Bristol - if you like trip-hop - jump in the lake of sounds like that ! [url][/url]
  • Avatar for goddaughter
    sick beat!
  • Avatar for annehaynes
    Helps me work!
  • Avatar for fmartin_92
    Sounds like Thom got some inspiration for Idioteque while listening to this.
  • Avatar for master-pony
    Now check this out Let's go
  • Avatar for OrionFett
    This was the shit years ago, and it still is.
  • Avatar for absinthecity
    Irrit8d> I haven't seen that, but just going on your description that sounds like possibly the best thing ever!!!!!
  • Avatar for karlkandinsky
  • Avatar for Irrit8d
    Loving the robot montage. I especially enjoy the bit when one small, nerdy war robot does an ironic 'robot dance' and a particularly butch robot slaps him on the back then auto pumps his shotgun based fore-arms to check the mechanism.
  • Avatar for sarafdz
    old school space funk jam!
  • Avatar for LadDie3
    haha robot montage picturing them oiling up, cleaning their cogs, putting on some sweet new lenses, etc....
  • Avatar for mellemusic
  • Avatar for brokenbiscotte
  • Avatar for IAJP
    i wish i'd have thought "sounds like robots preparing for war", because however ridiculous that sentence might sound, it literally is the only way to describe or do this song justice. fucking unbelievable.
  • Avatar for pouncing_panda
  • Avatar for flu0r
  • Avatar for prodigiousweeg
    That's the beat right there! Sounds like robots preparing for war...
  • Avatar for Jobi-One
    Chair dance battler.
  • Avatar for b777
    Love it!!!
  • Avatar for corky64
    Great track....<3
  • Avatar for cellandromae
  • Avatar for TONKSTA
    crispy electro beats....
  • Avatar for eandress
    una chimba
  • Avatar for cancio22
  • Avatar for Exit-Wound
    Ah man, when the bass kicks in... :D
  • Avatar for brick47
    Blasted this on a mix at work. Customers not happy, but all I could do was grin. UNKLE is great.
  • Avatar for peverything
    Big busy beat
  • Avatar for eustakkio
    very relaxing sound
  • Avatar for lenorazmelody
    Oh and the violin just gives this human aspect to it, especially with all of the electro breakbeat.
  • Avatar for lenorazmelody
    It's like they took the old school beats from the early 80's (you know, like Grand Master Flash [yes, I went there] and totally took it forward. Loving so much.
  • Avatar for LucaBrasiXL
    Not really my bag, but still, it's not bad at all.
  • Avatar for deschda
    the beat jeah
  • Avatar for Mingles27
    Love it.
  • Avatar for rocha_thamya
  • Avatar for KaiserKeiser
    Oh yeahhh...... love the fat bass synth groove
  • Avatar for Jk_
  • Avatar for monikbuto
    Diossssssss que buenos son...Unkle siempre garantiza un orgásmo musical..
  • Avatar for Balbalkina
    One of the best,unforgettable,love it!
  • Avatar for chlebek28
    love it :)
  • Avatar for mgwen
    super Musik, ganz große Klasse :)


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