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  • Avatar for cookedbacon
    southern legends
  • Avatar for firsthammer
    the GOAT
  • Avatar for koopstaknicca
    RIP pimp c, bun b keep doin ya thang mane
  • Avatar for bibledaze
  • Avatar for retti76
    one of the greatest of all times #UGK4Life!
  • Avatar for alefspfc
    R.I.P. Pimp C
  • Avatar for Crowdwar_
  • Avatar for mellhS
    Cut in my swisher, codeine on my whiskers <3
  • Avatar for L_Kaninchen
    Взлольлнул с русскоязычного описания.
  • Avatar for timmahsound
    Hi life is so underrated! Best verse by Bun hands down
  • Avatar for eerieBell
    UGK <3
  • Avatar for NuSliq
    RIP Chad Butler 12/29/73-12/4/07. UGK 4 Life.
  • Avatar for ghettobastard0
    Every album is a classic.
  • Avatar for SadieSadSadist
    On these mid-90s UGK tracks, Bun rides beats so fucking smoothly. Matched only by Meth.
  • Avatar for oseland
    RIP Chad Butler 12/29/73-12/4/07. UGK 4 Life.
  • Avatar for YoungMuser
    Straight Classic, no questions about it.
  • Avatar for tolkkii
    that's because everyone else has screws GOAT mix of Pregnant Pussy in rotation instead. you should too if you've been sleeping on it
  • Avatar for Gwynbleiddsfang
    Underground Kingz
  • Avatar for mrrnn
    too hard = ridin dirty = super tight > everything else
  • Avatar for oltnabrick1
    pregnant pussy should be in the top 15 [3]
  • Avatar for smuckersjelly26
    pregnant pussy should be in the top 15, truly a heartfelt song. [2]
  • Avatar for Alin_
    'I'm stayin true, I'm out here whippin my Mercedes Fuckin with the midnight ladies - the game is cold but it's gravy I'm bangin Screwwww, my young girl lookin fine We stayin out here on the grind - and keepin money on our mi-ii-iind'
  • Avatar for Music-Ninja
    pregnant pussy should be in the top 15, truly a heartfelt song.
  • Avatar for IAJP
    loved ridin' dirty for a few years now..not enough love for super tight though...i left it wet fuh' ya niggah!
  • Avatar for Alin_
    that Pimp C intro sample on the new Jay-Z album, PRICELESS
  • Avatar for Isco91
    There's C&S versions of Front, Back & Side to Side, and It's Supposed To Bubble for sure.
  • Avatar for jjjjjjjjjjjjonj
    did dj screw ever chop anything off Super Tight? it's already such a heavy album but..
  • Avatar for Isco91
    Super Tight is so underrated.
  • Avatar for sls
    Didn't do your girl but your sister was alright / Fucked her in your homeboy's caddy last night - MAYYYNE TEXAS TRILL
  • Avatar for Heartagram1028
    Ridin' Dirty the best place to start?
  • Avatar for Alin_
    Pimp C had the best voice in the rap game (2) damn right, also he flowed so well on the beat :D
  • Avatar for lifer2
    the game is cold but it's gravy
  • Avatar for iboudebo6te
    Pimp C had the best voice in the rap game
  • Avatar for Serikabd
    RIP Pimp C
  • Avatar for ghettobastard0
    RIP Pimp C!
  • Avatar for klit0ris check this, remix of Int'l Players Anthem remixed by Czech DJ Doemixxx, he made free tribut mixtape for Pimp C.
  • Avatar for Buttsnake
    Ridin' Dirty won't stop blowing my mind.
  • Avatar for satanicazrael
    asap who?
  • Avatar for jhellweg
    RIP to the Pimp. Show some love for A$AP Rocky and his track "Fuckin Problems." If you haven't heard yet, you've missing out. Check the vid and the iTunes download links.**kin-problems-feat.-drake/id573276810
  • Avatar for WestSideTrippin
    RIP Pimp C and Bun B
  • Avatar for aaronWHAT
    RIP Pimp C!
  • Avatar for NeedsDeodorant
  • Avatar for leeellie
    yeah pimp always the mack +
  • Avatar for nicoinfurs
    One Day would make a good funeral song actually
  • Avatar for ephemeraldrone
    could i, would i, should i break 'em? i wanna chop blades...
  • Avatar for fluoxetine20mg
    bun b, pimp c= good cop, bad cop ..git it
  • Avatar for fluoxetine20mg
    ridin dirty<<too hard to swallow<underground kingz<super tight<ugk 4 life. also, ridin dirty lends itself the best to being heavily screwed up and unchopped more than any other album ive heard. just lettin it ride, no slopping it to death
  • Avatar for Langley65
    One Day was the song played at my brothers funeral. True Story
  • Avatar for OldSchoolRap
    vvvv hey Esco! :D
  • Avatar for Escobar97
    R.I.P. Pimp C


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