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  • Avatar for andreafeltine
    Baby, don't cry...
  • Avatar for kikaby
  • Avatar for turboslaw
    I normally can't stand U2. But this song. This fucking song.
  • Avatar for Sunshine_209
    <3 baby don't cry~~~~
  • Avatar for jasminder82
    This is so beautiful it hurts.
  • Avatar for Rock_Spirit
    This is beyond perfect. Their best song. The video is haunting as well.
  • Avatar for HayleysDeathCab
  • Avatar for WLDB
    I couldnt get enough of this song back in 2002.
  • Avatar for Lischuk
    yes, it's great!
  • Avatar for ShadedWolf
  • Avatar for WLDB
    My favourite of theirs.
  • Avatar for blacklight86
    Just one step behind One, this is definitely my favourite one by U2. Touching like very few other tracks produced in the latest 15 years.
  • Avatar for dinizkaah
    "'re in my mind all of the time.."
  • Avatar for H269
  • Avatar for WLDB
    Probably my favorite song from 2002. I listened to it a lot back then and 2003 too.
  • Avatar for khareen17
  • Avatar for khareen17
    highly underrated, gotta love the lyrics ♥
  • Avatar for Tiago_Freitas
    essa tem a alma do U2
  • Avatar for electrikalstorm
    one of the best U2 songs, but highly underappreciated....
  • Avatar for Er78
    niestety ;(
  • Avatar for zyjciekawie
    You're in my mind all of the time ...
  • Avatar for YourRisingShine
    magic song ♥
  • Avatar for bloodrink
  • Avatar for pwqdiablo
    wonderfull one :)
  • Avatar for xtekinhax
    You're in my mind all the time... :/
  • Avatar for thahbianchi
    this one live must be pure ecstasy
  • Avatar for thahbianchi
    can't describe how much i love this song...
  • Avatar for VadimNosatoff
    Антон совершенно себя исчерпал...
  • Avatar for XStatic_Process
    i prefer William Orbit's remix of this song, i think U2 played this version live. anyways, i love this song so much.
  • Avatar for Oriol1992
    Heard it live in Barcelona, but I didn't aprecciate it because I didn't know the song... now I love it! (L)
  • Avatar for annurr
    Fucking delicious. amazing song
  • Avatar for wizzzjer
    Моя любимая песня, чёрт дери, офигеваю просто! fuckin' goooooooood!
  • Avatar for AntipA
    sooooo fuckin' good! amazing, magnificient, excellent, etc.! one of my fave!
  • Avatar for BierkaakreiB
    One of the most beautiful songs made by U2 ! And the video... It's just a pure masterpiece (Obvious, Anton ;)) Larry looks extremely erotic ! All video is erotic, isn't it ?!
  • Avatar for vespiria
  • Avatar for ficklegirrl
    i love this song <3
  • Avatar for CristinaDM
    "You're in my mind all the time,I know that's not enough/ If the sky can crack, there must be some way back /For love and only love/Baby don't cry..."
  • Avatar for PauloHD
    Ohhhh.... this ia nothing best than the Radio One Edit!! Damit!!
  • Avatar for KateMargoK
    очень красивая песня <3
  • Avatar for rubydragonfly
    i love this song so much. <3<3<3
  • Avatar for PaiAmbrosio
    Live in Barcelona *-* Finally
  • Avatar for Mlpangelina
    I'm so glad they played live!
  • Avatar for riazor
    they've just performed it for the first time ever, during the 2nd gig in Barcelona
  • Avatar for AnjaSikorka
  • Avatar for grisha812
  • Avatar for Tiago_Freitas
    essa tem a marca U2 de ser....
  • Avatar for foxmusicbox
    just go out, stand up in the rain like tim robbins in one of the final scenes in "the shawshank redemption"... 3:15 min/sec "heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy "You're in my mind all of the time i know it's not enough but if the sky can crack, there must be some way back for love and only love" AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for FranziAtVertigo
    yeah, a great one ;D nice melody in the verses <3
  • Avatar for SilAlcantara
    ...♪♫ You're in my mind all of the time ♪♫...
  • Avatar for Lord-P
    simply a masterpiece...


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