• Live In Toronto this week (sep 15-21)

    15 Sep 2005, 14:27 by drsaunde

    Thursday Sept. 15

    Zoobombs are at the Silver Dollar bringing some J-rock explosion to town.

    13 & God are at Lee's Palace. They are the Notwist are and Themselves together as one. Boy In Static are the openers

    Friday Sept. 16

    The White Stripes are at the Molson Amplitheatre. Sure the albums are getting worse, but they are still to rock you silly. The Greenhornes provide an opening act worth catching

    Nouvelle Vague are at the Rivoli. A French band doing bossa nova covers?...sounds like an interesting show for sure.

    Ladybug Mecca from Digable Planets is at the Sunnyside Pavillion. Support from Steve Spacek

    The Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir is at the Mod Club as the Headstones legend continues to play. Armchair Cynics open.

    Saturday Sept. 17

    U2 play the final of 4 shows at the Air Canada Centre. I did have tickets to this show, however a wedding will prevent me from attending. Dashboard Confessional open here in Toronto. …
  • Exciting Title!

    10 Sep 2005, 22:22 by oozabooman

  • O Brave New World

    9 Sep 2005, 20:02 by stalwyn

    Hey there. If you're readinf this, you're either me (hi mun), or you happend to have stumbled onto my page on It's a great little invention, ain't it.

    Well, the last concert i went to was U2 at the City of Manchester Stadium a few months ago (wow, was it that long ago). I'm Listening to 100 Broken Windowsright now... more filler than anything else.

    I've got a proper blog i try and keep up to date. you can get to it through my homepage (see the thingy on the left)

    That'll do for now, won't it.
  • Live8 DVD Tracklisting

    8 Sep 2005, 21:20 by SideFlower

    Here is the current tracklisting for the Live8 DVD,
    released 7 November 2005 (8 November 2005 - US)
    But why, oh why, did they have to edit out great performances? They should have kept the Hyde Park Live8 concert as a whole in full.

    DISC 1
    Paul McCartney & U2 – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
    U2 – Beautiful Day
    U2 – Vertigo
    U2 – One
    Coldplay – In My Place
    Coldplay with Richard Ashcroft – Bittersweet Symphony
    Coldplay – Fix You
    Elton John – The Bitch Is Back
    Elton John – Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting
    Elton John with Pete Doherty – Children Of The Revolution
    Dido & Youssou N’Dour – 7 Seconds
    Stereophonics – Bartender And The Thief
    REM – Everybody Hurts
    REM – Man On The Moon
    Ms Dynamite – Dy-Na-Mi-Tee
    Keane – Somewhere Only We Know
    Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love
    Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started
    Black Eyed Peas with Stephen Marley – Get Up Stand Up
  • Why do famous bands have to suck so much?

    7 Sep 2005, 06:38 by chestah

    I'm not talking about whether or not they suck musically, but whether they suck at being people. Every single famous band just keeps on going and going, spouting out crap in the form of greatest hits albums or world tours or movie cameos or just arbitrary bullshit that ends up on the cover of all the tabloids at the grocery store.

    Possibly the only semi-good examples of this have been The Beatles. Ringo Starr ended up in some TV show I used to watch as a child, which is cool. John Lennon was pretty cool with all his hippieness, but then he got assassinated which is horrible and sad. I'm not really sure what George Harrison did, but I did hear about his unfortuante death. The only things wrong the Beatles have produced hav been Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono who seem to constantly be doing stupid crap separately so that they can share the top of the headlines. Paul's constantly releasing new albums which are about as good and/or bad as the previous one and Yoko just goes about…
  • You too

    4 Sep 2005, 17:06 by earthcrossing

    I am up to 'u' in the Winamp-fest. My gosh! Not far to go till it's over ;) U2 is currently playing. Next is Unwritten Law.

    I am sort of looking forward to having my playlist on random again ;) It's been a WHILE. *lol*
  • U2's Boy may very well be the best album ever

    3 Sep 2005, 14:57 by Pattrick

    Last week, someone asked me what I thought was the best album ever recorded. He got me thinking, I couldn't say! I promised him I'd think about it, and when I got home, I dove into my iTunes (indispensible program by the way) library to see which album was present most often. It turned out to be an album I hadn't really thought of in the first place: U2's Boy.

    I took the CD out of its case and I decided to play it - and damn, what a magnificent album! How come I never realized this before?! Probably because there's only one song on it that everybody knows, I Will Follow. But one should listen to the other tracks, they're all fantastic rock songs: Twilight, An Cat Dubh, Into the Heart, Out of Control, Stories for Boys, The Ocean, A Day Without Me, Another Time Another Place, The Electric Co. and Shadows and Tall Trees.

    There's so much good music on this album, I don't think there's ever been an album with this amount of good tracks on it.

  • fanboys

    2 Sep 2005, 17:52 by milder

    it's weird how the stats on this thing works. i wouldve thought i'd be at least no.3 U2 fan by now. however, i'm not.

    the second biggest LCD Soundsystem fan on listened to them like 8 times. ??? seems odd to me, i'm sure there are more listens out there than that. they need more two minute songs.

    1 Sep 2005, 00:29 by chestah

    Hey welcome to the MTV SELLOUT WHORE AWRDS 2005!!! I'm Chris Rock.
    OK here's a funny joke:


    Anyway, on to the awards.

    First up, the Lifetime Achievement Award. This one goes to U2 for churning out album after album of slag that goes straight to the top of the charts while still managing to be pretentious wannabe hippies!


    Next, the Ironic Whore Award. This one goes to Eminem. After years of rapping about LSD, cocaine, and heroin to get inside the pants and stereos of angry suburban white kids, he's in rehab for sleep meds!


    And finally, the coveted Sellout Whore of the Year Award. It was a tough battle but after last week's MTV Awards we realized there was only one possible winner. That's right, it's Green Day!


    Well, that's all for this year. Remember kids, watch a lot of MTV and drink lots of Pepsi!


  • x-fading girlfriend

    29 Aug 2005, 22:08 by milder

    i've really, really been lovin' having my tracks on autocrossfade... it certainly makes music more enjoyable to be lacking that stop-gap. although there is a lot to be said for the 2 seconds on a compilation. sometimes 3 or 4 are necessary.

    speaking of stop gaps, ever heard the transition on Coldplay's x & y? HORRIBLE! the one into "fix you"... it was like they meant for it to be a cool thing, but didn't think enough to let it breathe for an extra second or two. as a musician, it's horrendous.

    that's my gripe.

    try winamp's crossfading! it's great!

    have you noticed that i'm mr.U2 now??? hahahahahahaha.