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ON NET-RADIO! SMOOTHJAZZ.COM (Monterey, CA, USA), 2XXFM (Canberra, Australia), RADIO POSITIVE ENERGIE (Munich, Germany), OZCAT RADIO (Vallejo, CA, USA), VELCRO TOUCH RADIO (San Antonio, TX, USA).

So what's a 40-something, Chinese composer/arranger with a full-time day job trying to do starting his music biz at this late juncture? Sounds crazy? Maybe he is! He calls his music "Spa for the Soul." Does that give you a clue?

TzeMan's music's mostly instrumental: Smooth-Jazz, Jazz-Fusion, Pop-Classical, Adult Contemporary. It's said to sound like a cross between Bob James and George Winston, with some David Sanborn and Keith Jarrett thrown in.

Until his debut album release , he'll be posting demo tracks of new tunes for streaming/download and purchase here and on his http://TzeMan.com Music page. You can support the CD project by buying his Demo2007 digital EP at Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster, and other popular music sites.

Why try starting a music career now? First, there's hi-speed Internet–it's the first time TzeMan can reach potential fans directly–no middlemen! Also, he needs a creative outlet to help de-stress from my hectic day job. Finally, "I just gotta get the music out the door before I kick the bucket, ya know!!"

Curious for more? See TzeMan's complete bio on his http://TzeMan.com Biography page.

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