• Top 50 Thrash Albums Mark III (now with 15% more obscurity)

    14 Jan 2008, 01:04 by caedes

    Since I'm a chronic procrastinator and I have a lot of crap to do, I've decided to update my top 50 thrash list. So it's good news for all you thrash-starved bastards, because I will make your eternal search for quality thrash a bit easier. I vouchsafe that the thrash listed below is of the highest quality and is guaranteed to rape your ears with sweet, sweet thrashin' thrashmageddon.

    50. Possessed - Seven Churches
    49. Tyrant's Reign - Tyrant's Reign
    48. Vio-Lence - Eternal Nightmare
    47. Dark Angel - Time Does Not Heal
    46. Exodus - Bonded by Blood
    45. Vio-Lence - Oppressing the Masses
    44. Artillery - By Inheritance
    43. Hexenhaus - A Tribute to Insanity
    42.Rigor Mortis - Vs. the Earth
    41. Sacrifice - Forward to Termination
    40. Rammer - Incinerator/Krusher
    39. Deathrow - Riders of Doom
    38. Exhorder - Slaughter at the Vatican
    37. Destruction - Mad Butcher
    36. Sacrifice - Apocalypse Inside
    35. Destruction - Release from Agony
    34. Overkill - Feel the Fire
    33. Iron Angel - Hellish Crossfire
  • Tyrant's Reign - Tyrant's Reign

    19 Nov 2007, 06:53 by caedes

    Well shit this little thrash record is just a melting pot of influences. You have everything from Reign in Blood Slayer to Mercyful Fate Melissa (the vocals on "The Amulet" are pure King Diamond worship). It manages to go all over the place freely without losing track of the goal: thrash the fuck out.

    This record is like the cliff-notes on mid 80's thrash. They've read and analyzed the genre from every possible conventional angle and condensed it into a manageable "album". At this point, I should mention that this isn't really an album, but rather a compilation of unreleased stuff that they used to play back in the 80s remastered in '04. But considering they've never released a full-length, what the hell can you do? You take what you can get.

    I mentioned that it's a "compilation", for a reason. See, you get songs that really don't belong on the album--songs that are quite bland. Towards the end of the record they seem to try to emulate the "epics"…