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  • Wacke666

    October Rust and this album are the defining albums, in my opinion, of what TON was all about. I think those two albums had much of the same kind of sound and vibe musically, yet still different from each other. Their other albums ventured into other areas not really like those two albums. I guess I could count Life Is Killing Me as a third album that fits their late 90's sound as well, but I think it's a bit too poppy in some ways. This album is so dark and true. They never made another album like this.

    March 2015
  • svnth


    April 2014
  • lacrymosarust

    Amazing album, just perfect. ''Creepy Green Light'' is definitely my favorite song. ♥

    September 2013

    Just a couple of words: Creepy Green Light...

    September 2013
  • ShredsofFlesh

    Definitely an amazing album .

    June 2013
  • LiamVIII

    http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/53048/Type-O-Negative-World-Coming-Down/ - my review of World Coming Down.

    December 2012
  • Metallimaster

    This and October Rust are my favourites. [2] Everything Dies is my favorite Type O Negative song

    December 2012
  • thedailygrind

    This and October Rust are my favourites. Lately, I seem to favor this one a little more.

    November 2012
  • Christoph616

    This album lets me go through bad times without losing mental health. Maybe it reminds me of painful moments of my life, but I'll never deny that this record is something really beautiful and important. Even if tragic. Thank you Peter & guys.

    September 2012
  • leighdobson

    This album is really growing on me lately...

    September 2012
  • Idiots-Rule

    Very good and dark album. I'd take this over Bloody Kisses any day, probably Life Is Killing Me as well.

    August 2012
  • Roll_Mann

    bored at first listen

    January 2012
  • t0rrrben

    their most depressing (and therefore best) record.

    December 2011
  • SkepticWarlock

    Too bad Its never enough was left out of the album :-(

    September 2011
  • nuorimaa

    their best after October's Rust [2]

    April 2011
  • Swarms_of_Flies

    I regret to say this is my favorite album of all time since all time. I apologize, particularly to Peter, since the other dicks I hate to love are still striving to end their deaths in vain; I have just ruined your short-lived lifelong goal to suck, and also a part of me very disturbingly feels of peace in this world piss and feces since you're in a much better place now, which is yet another failure on your part.

    January 2011
  • saradonin

    awesome album, my fav TON release

    November 2010
  • domunited

    this is one of those albums that you can listen to over and over again...

    November 2010
  • vladotheimpaler

    my fav !!

    September 2010
  • respiraator

    their best after October's Rust

    August 2010
  • KaneRobot

    Sinus, Liver, Lung...no "Heart" track.

    April 2010
  • SteeleDream

    So sad with this background...

    April 2010
  • Rauniotorni

    Their best.

    April 2010
  • goslingredux

    Changed my life, positively. Imagine That! o_o;

    March 2010
  • SteeleDream

    Alcoholator is so damn right. It's wonderful!

    February 2010
  • SteQ


    January 2010
  • caseyftmfw

    Best TON album but soo depressing

    October 2009
  • neverneverrand

    First TON cd I got. Hooked forevermore.

    October 2009
  • CurtisSpiers

    The Track 'World Coming Down' is a perfect centre piece for this album. amazingly well constructed album.

    September 2009
  • Blodhemn800AD

    My favorite by them.

    August 2009
  • Kerwin_Rigby

    Great album! I used to listen on a regular basis, and i still like it but October Rust is now my favorite.

    June 2009
  • SteeleDream

    The best album ever!

    February 2009
  • WyWeReX

    great album!!!

    June 2008
  • GipperAKH

    Everything Dies makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...and out.

    May 2008
  • GipperAKH

    ok so...i love this album...

    May 2008
  • danivenley

    i bought the album just to have everyone i love is dead and who will save the sane

    April 2008
  • Chosen6

    Best Album ever, changed my life when it came out.

    April 2008
  • psychoris

    An album with forseeing doom of the WTC coming down...

    March 2008
  • Delirium-Cordia

    Hearing some of this stuff for the first time. It's a lot different from October Rust.. not as accessible but I like it

    March 2008
  • CurtisSpiers

    i disagree, the drum sound is most definately the punchiest out of any album.

    November 2007
  • nanjamonja

    Good album, but the over-triggered drums make it not as heavy as it should.

    August 2007
  • PedroGhandi

    whats with the trackname (Album Version) ??????????

    August 2007
  • PedroGhandi

    whats with the trackname (Album Version) ??????????

    August 2007
  • Century_Skunk

    My favourite TON album so far. Incredible stuff that gets me every time.

    June 2007
  • GrimoireNoir

    Took me a hile to get into this album. but have to say I love it. One of the darkest and depressing albums ever heard.

    June 2007
  • beckyl13

    Boring?! You must be joking. This has to got to be one of my favourite TON albums. There isn't a bad song on it. It's perfect.

    May 2007
  • Shaunography

    You're missing out, then.

    May 2007
  • CurtisSpiers

    now this is doom. painfully brilliant

    May 2007
  • eyeofsaulot


    May 2007
  • dejavula

    bloody kisses is sort of green and black

    March 2007