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  • very good, he's a Jaco
  • motherfucker come to italy fast
  • How you gonna announce a new album right after GY!BE does? Chill, I can only jump on so many hype trains
  • sls
    hipster, and not the good kind
  • Kraków <3
  • I'll never get this
  • HOLY SHIT his dad is actually Anthony Braxton?! WHY HAVE BATTLES HAD NO GUEST SAXOPHONE SOLOS? (as for as I know).
  • Check out the debut full-length from instrumental math/loop-based/post-rock band TIME COLUMNS here: http://timecolumns.bandcamp.com/album/mana
  • quite bloody excellent
  • Battles is/was great with and without him.
  • Anybody know anything about the vinyl-only track from Central market? Also any news on an upcoming release?
  • Lolol listening to History has No Effect and I started talking to myself about how good it sounds.
  • Central Market is just incredible. I can't even begin to compare it to anything else, it's so unique.
  • Central Market is the soundtrack to my commute every morning. Great album.
  • Battless w/o him is nothing lol [2]
  • at first I got a little upset when he left Battles, but now I think is great he's diggin deeper into avant and experimentation, like his old man, without getting under his shadow. I chatted with him a little after a Battles gig and he seemed to be a great, down-to-earth chap (Ian was ok).
  • I don't go back to Central Market very often.
  • Tyondai needs to start releasing solo material as fast as Omar [3]
  • "Battless w/o him is nothing lol" dude have you even heard ice cream? that track is fucking wicked.
  • History That Has no Effect (2002) and Central Market (2009) @ http://opachuco.blogspot.com/search/label/Tyondai%20Braxton
  • C'mon people, this isn't those cheesy 60's or 70's or 80's or 90's band breakup, in which band members left in BAD terms, and made good reality show drama. Battles and Tyondai (at least according to press) are in GOOD terms. They are musicians, and they need to focus for the group but express themselves as well, and I think it's appropriate for Tyondai, who has explosive amount of musical ideas, to go solo at least for a while to explore his abilities. Bands are more like collectives these days, both together and separated at the same time. Yes, it sucks for fans to feel a sense of loss when they realize they can't see the band anymore, but they are people too. (For goodness sake, I've seen them live 3 times already. What more can I ask for?) Who knows what will happen next?
  • Battless w/o him is nothing lol
  • Without Battles, he is nothing.
  • on http://diymixtape.tumblr.com radical. look and contribute. world wide mix tape.
  • Wow, Central Market is incredible.
  • Tyondai needs to start releasing solo material as fast as Omar [2]
  • People bitching about him leaving Battles have no clue in my opinion...
  • vvv I disagree. Vehemently.
  • Ugh SO amazing. Pissed at myself for sleeping on this for so long.
  • central market is THE SHIT
  • same battles shit. don't ya think so?
  • I'm TOTALLY in love wih Central Market! Just can't stop listening to it!!! Tyondai's music is at the same time challenging and pleasing, highbrow and childish, crazy and familiar. A huge achievment! I definitely need to be at the Sonar Festival again next summer!
  • man this guys music imagination is bigg, central market has some really cool shit
  • I find myself listening to Central Market way more often than any Battles record. Though its a shame that Ty left Battles, I think I'm more excited by any new material from Ty than Battles.
  • yeah, leaving was probably kind of foolish. battles was getting huge and doing amazing things for rock. i know they still will but they aren't going to be nearly as mainstream without tyondai.
  • As amazing as Battles is, I think Tyondai was branching off in different paths even on Mirrored. As soon as vocals were thrown into the mix, the technical complexity and pacing of their earlier EP's changed completely. They were a WAY more mature group on Mirrored, but I felt like the Don Caballero focus on guitar looping was pushed on the backburner. I'm SO fucking excited for the new Battles album without Ty. I love Ty's solo work, but I love Ian, Dave and John way more. If you're into looping and math/post/prog rock, listen and download to my band TIME COLUMNS for FREE here: http://timecolumns.bandcamp.com we wouldn't be around if it weren't for Battles and Tyondai Braxton.
  • You're nothing without Battles!
  • true. but his stuff is pretty cool, too :D
  • Battles won't be Battles without Tyondai Braxton.
  • Disintegrating Reels <3 This guy needs way more plays, it's unfair how people as boring and generic as Muse are one of the people on the overall top plays chart, and people as inventive as Tyondai are some of the most underplayed artists.
  • ey way to ruin a good thing
  • still can't believe dis dude left battles. so sad....
  • Good bye and good luck.
  • i didn't want him to quit battles...
  • He'd better make up for quitting Battles by playing some life-alteringly good solo tours. It will require at least a small orchestra worth of to remotely attempt to match the majesty of John Stanier.
  • This is one of those circumstances where if my car CD player scrobbled plays, I would have hundreds more plays of Mr. Braxton. I had Central Market pretty much exclusively in my car for like 2 solid months after it came out. It is still divine.
  • Yes this man is underrated, and yes everyone needs to check Central Market out.
  • it's like disney on crack
  • somewhat similar sounding free music? [url]http://dirigiblespoon.bandcamp.com[/url]


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