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Tymon Tymanski, a composer, multi-instrumentalist, poet and writer. Born September the 30th, 1968 in Gdansk, he took private lessons in classical guitar since 8. Tymanski would lead his own groups since his early teenage, his first important band being the Beatles- and hard rock-influenced the Howling Dogs. Between 1982 - 86 he went to a high school, setting up SNI SREDSTVOM ZA UKLANIANIE, a new wave band inspired by Joy Division, Birthday Party and Pere Ubu. In 1986 he enrolled at the English Departament of the Gdansk University, where he joined TOTART, an informal group of poets/performers notorious for their scandalous actions, iconoclastic poetry and manifestos.

His cooperation with TOTART brought about a further transformation of his music and lead to a crucial change in his concept of a stage performance. In 1988 Tymanski founded MILOSC, the most important Polish jazz group of the next decade. Initially free jazz oriented, after clarinetist Mazzoll’'s (MAZZOLL & ARHYTHMIC PERFECTION) and guitarist Tomasz Gwincinski’'s departure (MAESTRO TRYTONY, ŁOSKOT), the quintet became well known in its "classic" line-up consisting of Mikolaj Trzaska on alto sax, Maciek Sikala on tenor, Leszek Mozdzer on piano, Tymanski on double bass and Jacek Olter on drums. Famous for their great stage act, MILOSC dominated the Polish music scene as well as the jazz magazines’ annual polls, voted the best acoustic jazz band for four times in a row and pronounced the most influential group of the decade (Jazz Forum). MILOSC, disbanded in 2002, recorded seven albums, three of which featured Lester Bowie of ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO, the late legendary American trumpet player.

In the meantime Tymanski founded avant-rock KURY (1992) with Piotr Pawlak (BIELIZNA), one of the Polish most innovative guitar players and Jacek Olter, the regrettably late, outstanding jazz drummer. KURY’'s other satellite members who appeared in the line-up in the span of 11 years of the band's activity were Anka Lasocka (KOBIETY), Mazzoll, Jacek Stromski (APTEKA, SKAKANKA, GROOVEKOJAD), Rory Walsh (FREDDIE HUBBARD BAND, MEDICINE SUNDAY) and Kuba Staruszkiewicz (PINK FREUD). KURY recorded three studio records, one EP and an official bootleg which captured the band live. Especially their second album, the bitingly satirical "P.O.L.O.V.I.R.U.S.", won general acclaim among music fans and critics and was distinguished with lots of important awards (Fryderyk ‘98, Machiner ’98 etc.). Beside running his own bands, Tymanski would participate in many side projects, being the leader of TYMON & TRUPY, CZAN and the member of THE USERS, NRD and MASLO. As an actor, he played in "Segment ‘76" and "Wesele", co-led BIODRO Records, an independent Gdansk-based record label, wrote music for films ("Sztos", "Przemiany", "Wesele" and theater plays ("Top Dogs", "Shakespear’s Complete Works", "Monachomachia", "Beztlenowce", "Matka", "Letnicy", "The Shape of Things").

In 2001 his co-authorial novel "Chlopi 3" was published (written with Zbigniew Sajnog, an ex-TOTART leader). Tymanski was awarded with the Pass of Polityka, one of Poland's most influential weeklies. After KURY’s farewell tour in the fall of 2003, Tymanski focused on solo work. In 2004 his two new bands, the alternative rock TYMON & TRANSISTORS and the improvising TYMANSKI YASS ENSEMBLE with the prominent trumpet player Antoni Gralak (TIE BREAK, GRAAL, YESHE) and the talented bassist Wojtek Mazolewski (PINK FREUD, BAABA), recorded their debut albums in his Biodro Studios. For the "Wesele" soundtrack written for the well acclaimed and trophy-showered movie of the same title, he received the Polish Film Academy's Eagle 2004 Award and the "Film" magazine'’s Golden Duck. At the moment Tymanski is working on the new albums of his bands, both of which are to show up this year. Him and Pawlak are also co-producing new Biodro Record's issues (MILOSC & Lester BOWIE's long awaited "Nobody's White" to be published this fall).

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