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Tyler Adam (born April, 29th 1986) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, an independent record label owner, a radio show host, and a multi-genre producer. Music double stuffed with hot-breath raps and slithery electro pulses successfully punctuated with leather gloved hand claps is only the beginning for this Canadian small town artist.

Jack Kitty Records is a Canadian independent record label, founded in 2006 by the 20 year old Tyler Adam as a way to distribute music.

In Fall 2006 Tyler released an underground mixtape "So Fly Vol. 1" The mixtape was produced by Tyler Adam showcasing 21 original tracks. So Fly Vol. 1 featured Tyler Adam (Canada), Sense In Common (Canada), Kel (U.S.A.), Tha Light (U.S.A.), Koodadd (U.S.A), Razor (The UK), Young Shaw (Canada), Kyle Ord (Canada), Lil'Uno (U.S.A) and more! 250 copies of the CD were distributed for FREE in Canada and across the globe to lucky contest winners. Digital downloads of the mixtape were also distributed freely online via many popular music websites. (SoundClick, Mp3.com, etc)

During sessions in early '07 Tyler Adam and Kaitlin McNeil recorded politically charged "Money Hungry World" composed by The UK's Antzilla featuring UK MC Razor. Tyler also recorded "Inhale" a song written and produced by Dead Eyes Dog of Thailand and wrote and recorded "System" with Japanese MC Dai. He also wrote and recorded "For Lovers Not Fighters" composed by tOtaLcULt (The UK). All released as online singles via TyGuy Productions

Then in March '07 a new artist from the UK jumped on a plane and traveled to Canada. This new artist was Fiem. With Tyler on Production and Fiem on lyrics and vocals they created her album "Progress" in just two weeks. Tyler Adam and Fiem duet on the mellow industrial tune "Are You?" well Fiem and Lando (of Tha Light) school you on the urban "Only The Truth". This seventeen track was released in April 2007.

Jack Kitty Records and Tyler Adam relocated from Peterborough to Toronto in June 2007 leaving behind label mates and room mates DJ Sheena and Kaitlin McNeil.

July and August of 2007 Tyler Adam hosted Jack Kitty Radio, a one-hour online show and worked in The Dream Studio on three new mixtapes. "reMIX3D Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3" which were released during the fall of 2007 for free online as digital downloads. The "reMIX3D" mixtape's feature work from Bad Lay-Dee, DJ Owen Tate, Scarlet Blonde, Wide Band Network, Tay Zonday, Blind Faith and Envy, Hattie Willcox, Sun Caged, Illegal Substance and more!

Tyler Adam continued to track demo's at The Dream Studio during fall of '07 and spring '08 in Toronto, Ontario.

In January 2008 Tyler released an called Prophecy featuring Piano tunes with an ambient, drum and bass style production. The instrumental can be heard on CBC Radio 3 and spawned a # 1 single with "Spiritual Revolution" on SoundClick.com

April '08 TA hit the studio to record "Channel It" an urban record written by Tyler and produced by THX. Producer THX is best known for his work with Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg. "Written All Over Your Face" also produced by THX and several other tracks with THX on production were recorded that may appear on future releases.

May 6th, 2008 Tyler Adam and Jack Kitty Records released SLIDING DOORS SINGLE. Sliding Doors is written and produced by Tyler Adam, along with tracks "I Can Fly" and "Painting After Hours". The SINGLE also featured "Sliding Doors " "Some Change" and "OH NO" produced by the UKs Antzilla. The Single was released via Jack Kitty Records at MySpace.com/JackKittyRecords and also was made available as a digital download on SoundClick.com. The track became a top 5 hit on Glee.com and "I Can Fly" from the single is a top 5 hit on SoundClick.com

In 2008 Tyler Adam released the underground gay club anthem "Bubble Gum Pop" The song was released online for free digital download. It was released along with seven remix's featuring Hollywood, DJ Owen Tate, and Dj Tredman among others.

In 2008 and 2009 Tyler Adam released reMIX3D Vol 4, Vol 5, Vol 6, and Vol 7 with featured artists like M.I.A., k-os, Fort Minor, Mariah Carey, Temposhark and many more!

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