• NWOBHM Band of the Week - 27th February 2009: Tygers of Pan Tang (Part 1)

    27 Feb 2009, 18:56 by GrantRS

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    (Part 2)

    Hopefully, even if you're already familiar with this band, one of the better known nwobhm bands, you'll still find something interesting in this journal. For some reason, a lot of my previous entries don't seem to show up as related journals on the relevant pages, I'm guessing it might be number of words or (more likely) number of links so I'm going to split this rather big one in two to see if it makes any difference.

    Neat Records, as I've mentioned in previous entries, were one of the primary driving forces behind recording and distributing the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. That wasn't always the case though. Beginning as just a recording studio, they expanded to also become a label and initially could only afford to finance singles. The label's first two releases were commercial flops (neither of which have been played by a single user) and for some time afterwards were buried and denied by the label's managers. …