• Aquabats in SLC

    24 Jun 2009, 01:53 by Kerensky97

    Cross posted on my blog.

    Friday the 19th of June The Aquabatscame back to Salt Lake and its always worth catching them if you can.

    I barely caught the first show, Resistor Radio but I decided it was worth getting the EP to see how it is. They had a good feel to them, with a bit of polish they could be good, seems they're being produced by Rancid's Drummer Branden Steineckert so they could have some good backing while starting out.

    Next was Two and a Half White Guys, I’d seen them before in Provo but in a real show at in the venue it was a bit different, they had more energy, and it was a bit more like a real show. They’re a good local band that doesn’t sound like just a local band; good ska music. Good music to chill out to, and the band was good at engaging the crowd even during take-down the lead singer was still engaging the crowd and taking pictures of the fans. They also ended it with a good cover of Oingo Boing’s Who Do You Want to Be