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Two Two 79

Punk from Groningen!

Punkband started end 1979. Not on february 2 1979, as the name might suggest. Albert (vocals) came up with the date of death of Sid Vicious, bassplayer in the Sex Pistols, as a name for the band. At first Theo (guitars) and Hondema (bass) started the band.
Later on Ron joined. He bought a drumkit and Two Two 79 was almost complete.
Albert was found at a jam-session in Pentastoma, Roden, Netherlands. This night was opened with the final show of Inspiration Breakdown, Albert's band before Two Two 79.

Ron was a good drummer considering he didn't have any live-experience, but he didn't
like punk very much and wasn't as tight as punk demands.
Lex on the other hand, surely had the right attitude and capacities for a punk-drummer!
This great drummer joined the band after a concert in Simplon (The former punk-hideout of Groningen), as a support-act for the Vopo's.
Ron didn't want to play Simplon. At schools and clubs it was ok, but, the northern punkvenue from those days, Simplon was a bit to "rough".
The other bandmembers went anyway and a roadie of the Vopo's was willing to play the drums for this show. After this the band decided Ron had to be replaced.
He left the band and Lex joined.
Hij was only 15, modest, but for Two Two 79 the best thing that could happen.
(Story: Lex was asked by Herman Brood to join his band.
Lex' answer: "not possible, I'm still at school")

After Lex replaced Ron Two Two 79 really started to become what it was meant to be.
The tight drumming of lex was what the band had missed in the first year.
The weekly rehearsals took place in a former hospital (R.K.Z.) which was confiscated by protesters against speculation with real estate (In Dutch called " krakers").

Two Two 79 also had a sort of manager, roadie and overall nutcase called Speedy.
Speedy started with Two Two 79 as a side-kick and became more and more interested in making music.
Later on he got Dutch fame with his bands Boegies en Jammah Tammah.

In 1982 an independant 12" mini-album called "Innocent People" was released.
This record didn' t really show the true face of the band. Because there was doubt in those
days what music should be played (punk, new wave), Two Two 79 didn't release an album with 8 tight punksongs, but a mix between punk and wave-like songs.
The record was fully financed by the band, recorded at Square Wave Studio in Groningen, the cover was printed in Simplon and the records pressed in Belgium.
It was only distributed to music stores in Groningen, but the tracks found there way to other countries (France, UK, Russia) through the internet en the record is now a collectors item.

Usually a record is a promotion for the band. But this time this didn't work in two ways.
First of all, the record didn't represent what the band really was like and was more like an anti-commercial.
Secondly, the band was already deceased when the record was released.

Two Two 79 has always been a funband with the emphasis on playing music.
Because of school and other things the band was never more than a hobby and there wasn't any real ambition for more.
Two Two 79 existed, in the old setting, only 2 ½ years, including a break of six months, due to Albert's broken leg.
The music were mainly self written songs with some side-steps to bands like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols.
Early 1982 it was the end of Two Two 79..
A few months later, in may 1982, the band did one more show at Pentastoma, Roden, Netherlands.
Some video-shoots were done, which are available on the video-page.

funny thing… the last show the band dit was at the same venue they met at the jam-session.

After that show it was really the end for Two Two 79 (or was it???)

The bandmembers lost contact over the years.
But suddenly, in january 2006, Albert and Theo met again coincidentally on a Dutch punkforum.
After this pleasant surprise, plans were quickly made to restart the band.
Summer 2006 a Boss portable studio was bought and after several sessions in Groningenand Weyhe, Bremen (Germany) the first independant cd, without interference from anyone else but the band, is released.

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