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Two Thirds was a band from the small town of Gislaved in Sweden. The band started out with two bored kids back in 1997 feeling like they needed something to do more than breathing. Since the music scene in Gislaved was very vivid starting a band seemed like a good pass-time so now they just needed to find a drummer. They went to antoher friends house who they knew could hit them drums more hard than good and rang his door bell. "Hi we´re off to rehearse so grab your sticks and let's go!" The three-piece band started rehearsing right away and soon another guy had joined and they had enough songs to go show hunting. The band was first named 2/3 Of The 4th Person but after a small dispute with another local act called 8 Days Of Nothing the band name became plain and simple Two Thirds.

After their first show (together with Forced Into) the snow ball effect was in motion and they played alot more live than they rehearsed or did new songs. They soon had grown from being four to a five piece band playing fast hardcore with focus on the politics of everyday life. All the band members were vegan- or vegetarian and some were straight edge so lyrics about animal rights and Swedens problematic alcohol history were not foreign to these guys. Two Thirds were soon known for their energetic live shows and started to climb higher and higher on the head lining of show posters but all fairy tales must come to an end and in 1998 they decided to call the quits since the band members had either started playing in other bands (such as Burning Flames and End In Sight) or just were fed up with eachother. The only members that were always in the band were the three original ones who were in the band since day one.

Two Thirds did a farewell tour together with the Umeå-hardcore act Plastic Pride and this tour was probably the best they ever did. They finnished it in their home town of Gislaved with a show literally filled with blood, sweat and tears and also a record label who was told no when they wanted to release a 7" with the band if they just played one more show. Ink & Dagger also played that night so you can all understand it was an evening to remember.

During their short existance they played with great bands such as: Converge, Forced Into, 8 Days Of Nothing, Refused, Last Security, The Get Up & Goérs, Burning Flames, Convinced, Plastic Pride, Switchblade, End In Sight, Burnscape, Ink & Dagger and many many more.

Members from this band now play or played in bands such as Last Days Of April, End In Sight, Burning Flames, Quadroplain, Deadwood Orqus and Nine.

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