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  • Avatar for Lord-Surreal
    If anyone knows where to find Wrong Meeting I'd be forever in their debt
  • Avatar for promagnon
    Ivy and Lead is fantastic.
  • Avatar for THee-BeAtNiK
  • Avatar for resident-tt
    archaic !
  • Avatar for XSTM
    Two Lone Swordsmen - Hope We Never Surface - from “Stay Down” [1998, Warp Records] - Modyfier Process 305 -
  • Avatar for Rainman45
  • Avatar for Grimmoire
    No Girl In My Plan
  • Avatar for NightGamaliel
    It hits - forever
  • Avatar for ivanij
  • Avatar for Gordonflesher
    Добротная команда. Приятная музычка.
  • Avatar for sub-librarian
    It hits.
  • Avatar for Splint3r
  • Avatar for madrfadr
    miss them... i think that i havent listen to them for 4 years
  • Avatar for Caligula138
    Damn! I forgot about these dudes!
  • Avatar for RodeoRadio
    The Fifth Mission, oh yeah.
  • Avatar for drthatguy
    can't believe I put off listening to these guys for so long...
  • Avatar for DayvanMollusk
    I also agree with calika
  • Avatar for DayvanMollusk
    Love em! Except their band title kind of reminds me of the movie Airheads, you're not exactly lone when you have more than one person in a band. =D
  • Avatar for BlueGhost60
    I've slept on these guys for so long. They're awesome.
  • Avatar for cannous
    hyper sensas !!!
  • Avatar for ptzuo
  • Avatar for calika
    Very very surprised not to see them appear anywhere on the warp 20 release. tiny reminders ans stay down are some of warp's best releases imho. TLS have more talent in their little pinkies than half of the current warp roster put together.
  • Avatar for peskiestYear
    liquid overmind
  • Avatar for theoryjean
    their remix of Sequence's 'Funk You Up' is awwwesome.
  • Avatar for Scarper1
    These were the boys!!! hope they come out with more stuff one day. Tiny Reminders kicks ass!
  • Avatar for DanDangers
    get out of my kingdom!
  • Avatar for Indigo_Ice
    they ruined what I thought idm is, but that's what I'm addicted since now:)
  • Avatar for taxidermist_
  • Avatar for Flashstep
    Lino Square is a great track <3
  • Avatar for krait
    great band, but I was so disappointed when I heard the Wrong meeting album
  • Avatar for Lordmarth
    Tiny Reminders is dope.
  • Avatar for seanbickford
    No Girl In My Plan, what a catchy tune, and yes, I can hear the train a'rollin'.
  • Avatar for keptblue
    oy oy anyone who wants to get into making this kind of music should read up @
  • Avatar for ecicefis
    No clever marketing here, please check out our music, you might even be able to download it for free if you go through the right sources. ;)
  • Avatar for wintercooled
    tiny reminders is genius. not so keen on the later stuff. if you like this try radioactiveman's self titled album - best electronic album i've ever heard
  • Avatar for ghemison
    we must create a Andrew Weatherall's group to include TLS, SOP and other projects!
  • Avatar for tejindersingh21
  • Avatar for Schandler79
    They have been an inspiration, their sound has evolved a lot over the years which is better than stagnating like some groups... don't think they have done a bad album, I love the electro stuff of Tiny Reminders and Stockwell steppas but have also loved the uniqueness of their last three releases.
  • Avatar for Jaztronix
  • Avatar for share2006
  • Avatar for noisyfilter
    great band. awesome sound. versatile musicians. fuck all haters - your taste is simply stupid.
  • Avatar for youngballs
    it definitely got much better after the fifth mission... then they took a nose dive with wrong meeting.
  • Avatar for dmgcruee
    I'm a big fan of IDM, but after listening to "The Fifth Mission" i can quite honestly say that that was some of the most uninspiring boring music ive ever listened to. I may go and download some other stuff of theirs, i'd just like to know if all of it is following the same sort of suit as "The Fifth Mission".
  • Avatar for warpiggy
    the fifth mission and tiny reminders all the way for me! they should burn their guitars!!!
  • Avatar for toonerama
    Re: their best album - for me it's A Bag Of Blue Sparks.
  • Avatar for InKursion
    Every time I listen to these I feel slightly embarrassed for the track titled 'Gay Spunk'. Perhaps I'm a raging homophobe.
  • Avatar for SellingNails
    that Track on here sounds boooooring
  • Avatar for Discobitch2000
    can some put they remix of united BY throbbing gristle please on here classic
  • Avatar for square_m
    wrong way after Reminders
  • Avatar for mucker
    wrong meeting 2 rules


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