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  • RIP Twinkle x
  • RIP Twinkle
  • RIP
  • are you suggesting weeaboo candy pop is better than industrial/noise electronics ? sorry but I can't take you seriously
  • Noise is for teenage contrarians, and rhythmic noise has to be the lowest rung amongst that barely-differentiated heap. Therefore: step aside for denpa twinkle.
  • Nice fight between noise and pop fans in the pic section :D [2]
  • dito, synth-:)
  • Just listened to Ton Style for the first time, and realised that by the end of the track that my mouth had been hanging open in awe for the last six minutes of the nine minute track. Wow. I haven't done that since I was 16!
  • Nice fight between noise and pop fans in the pic section :D
  • beautiful and atmospheric stuff
  • He is bad ass. The name throws you tho. Sounds so.....but the music is incredible.
  • I must admit that he looks pretty badass with that paint thing.
  • I garet... blond bitch must die:p ... a propos ,,Le Jouet'' was in 2007 and its definitely tooo long.
  • Audiotrauma is not dead, they just going through some financial issues. 2011 has been quite a harsh year for a lot of people. The Twinkle album is still delayed because Yves had a bad injury...don't have more recent news to share, sorry.
  • audiotrauma is dead
  • Funnily there should be a new album from noise twinkle this summer, where the hell is it?!
  • Funnily, I don't notice any similarities in their voices. And I listen to a lot of female vocalists, after all. But that's not the only kind of music I listen to. I just happen to listen to this 60's Twinkle instead of the other.
  • you think she sounds like britney spears?
  • @narci you don't need to teach me. i know who she is and, for me, it looks like a britney and it sounds like a britney. but thank the gods, that tastes are different.
  • @Sternsaphir: It's not a Britney-wannabe. Twinkle (born Lynn Annette Ripley) was a singer-songwriter in the 60's.
  • some one's faking this place 1 song of this blond britney there
  • Still. Noise slash industrial sounds ridicilously humiliating.
  • vote up the real twinkle's pictures
  • hi, well as far as i know, the next release from Twinkle is reschuled in 2011...please be patient :)
  • i demand new album from french twinkle you fuckers. AUDIOTRAUMA MUST NOT STOP MAKING NOISE
  • "Twinkle is industrial! Not fcuking blonde bitch! " ahaha
  • still, the highest track is by the female singersongwriter, not this industrial foo'
  • попрёт)
  • Twinkle is industrial! Not fcuking blonde bitch! [2]
  • PEOPLE. Stop the annoying argument about who should be in the default. PLEASE. It just makes you look ridiculous. You can't do anything about it, really. Two artists have the same name... So?
  • *dance* *dance* *dance*
  • new album this year folks !
  • Am I right, this blondie plays power electronics?
  • Very true, stop embarassing yourselves.
  • just fucking chill out people... this is really embarassing for both sides.
  • Twinkle is industrial! Not fcuking blonde bitch!
  • are you retarted ?
  • ow shit, let's start a war :D
  • need more stuff. is TWINKLE also known as TWINKE?
  • Thumbs down for the french guy with the ridicuosly looking body paint. Thumbs up for the glorious REAL Twinkle!
  • 3gg
    Voici son dernier show parisien ; excellent :
  • twinkle electronic, twinkle pop, twinkle twinkle little star
  • ok, lets think how to separate them, twinkle ebm, and twinkle pop singer
  • wtf is up with this pic ?
  • that's exactly what i thought... :D
  • you ain't gonna bring back the dead.
  • Yay my vote brought back the real Twinkle (Lynn Annette Ripley)


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