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  • Avatar for ValeronMEN
    back to the TOP!
  • Avatar for Natali25
    love at first listen 💕
  • Avatar for titvn
    Forget really makes me cry, damn.
  • Avatar for ValeriaSixx
    really makes me happy.
  • Avatar for Piyei
    5 seconds sounds a lot like Billy Idol, which is kind of cool!
  • Avatar for monkkuapina
  • Avatar for Tahula
    Does anyone have Night Rally mixtape in seperate tracks and could help me listen to it that way?
  • Avatar for Tahula
    v Him.
  • Avatar for FALILV
    I finally got to see them live recently... better than I could have even imagined :)
  • Avatar for my_surfboard
    so, the default picture finally changed, right?
  • Avatar for Feli_
    At my heels is so fuhin GEWD
  • Avatar for LukeNeko
    Stop bitchin about the new album, its awesome. Period. The Dream Pop vibe is exactly what it is suppose to be: an amazing dreamy trip.
  • Avatar for oouuoo
    back in 2088-9 yeah, but today hes full of crap
  • Avatar for Hien-divided
    he used to be that new cool fresh act [2]
  • Avatar for Offino
    he used to be that new cool fresh act
  • Avatar for Der_SchwarzMann
  • Avatar for r_ocketqueen
    Flatliners ♥
  • Avatar for r_ocketqueen
    I like the new album. You guys are so zzZzZ
  • Avatar for petter-
    Haven't listened to Twin Shadow since his first album came out but this Eclipse album is from a different band with same name right?
  • Avatar for fancyfootwork80
    @sacason: you sound so experienced dude.
  • Avatar for sacason
    Y'all need to grow up
  • Avatar for Stefanszz
    Yeah... I'm officially now one of those people who say, "I remember when that band was good and weren't sellouts yet". Okay, I really don't know just how much of a sellout he is, that's pretty big speculation, and not really my topic here. I'm just kinda sad seeing him veer towards more pop-oriented anthems, and yes, somehow even cornier lyrics about love. I miss tracks like 5 Seconds that were fueled heavily by synth fused guitar riffs. Don't get me wrong, his instrumentals aren't the worst on this album, not by far, (See 'Watch Me Go' and 'New Love/Old Love') but they really do feel a bit more radio/mainstream oriented. On the positive there are a few really good tracks, and his vocals are still as amazing as usual. No big surprise there. It's not like I hate it, just a bit disappointed. I totally understand if people like this album, though. It definitely has an appeal. Just... not exactly for me is all.
  • Avatar for seyma__
    First time listener here. I like the songs individually, kind of flashy yes but they don't sound completely empty or trashy to me. However, if the lyrics were stronger and there was a more defined sound this could have been refreshing instead of sounding flat.
  • Avatar for victimofkratina
    He was a one hit wonder with the track Slow anyways.
  • Avatar for joaovsg
    fuckin bitches
  • Avatar for diadasbruxas
    RIP Twin Shadow [2]
  • Avatar for dwarves
    anyone defending the new album, with the exception of old love/newlove is retarded and needs he lp
  • Avatar for Blvd_Nights
    No, I'm just sad because it's a bad record.
  • Avatar for meltychocolate
    The new album is great... Y'all are just sad because it's drastically different from Forget and Confess It was recorded before he was signed to WB, so y'all can't blame everything on the mainstream label
  • Avatar for my_surfboard
    Confess is beautiful in some parts, while others you can pretty much take or leave. it's got my psyched to hear what this apparently overly poppy newer album sounds like.
  • Avatar for BrunoFruhling
    confess own you bitches
  • Avatar for dwarves
    "’s possible, if you squint, to imagine it playing alongside One Direction (a huge compliment, in this case)."
  • Avatar for SlashBeastleo
    RIP Twin Shadow
  • Avatar for emmte
    new album really sucks, but I still believe that was an accident
  • Avatar for mvn0
    New album is better than Confess and as good as Forget. Like it much!
  • Avatar for HumbleGold
    new shit ok. a few bangers. a few turds. whatever. dude still cool
  • Avatar for thesleepycloud
    I haven't heard the album yet but all I want to say is: EVERY ARTISTS HAS THE RIGHT TO EXPLORE AND MAKE MORE MONEY AS WELL. GET OVER IT.
  • Avatar for dasomnia
    i think the new album sounds amazing. great work, george <3
  • Avatar for iTylor
    There are some absolute BANGERS on his new album. Totally digging it. And what the hell, it's 2015 and that dumb picture is still main?
  • Avatar for trnsgndr
    what i wanna know is if the main picture will ever get taken down [2]
  • Avatar for Smartypants101
    Kind of was expecting this considering he moved to LA and signed with Warner Brothers but damn I can't help but feel like he willingly sacrificed his artistic integrity in exchange for forgettable radio anthems. Get that money tho.
  • Avatar for thefirehairman
    What the fuck happened? The new album is not REALLY BAD but it's far from what I expect from him. Stadium pop ... Nah, no thanks. I'm disappointed. First album was amazing. Hey well...
  • Avatar for Oceans-a-blis
    what i wanna know is if the main picture will ever get taken down
  • Avatar for Beat_C
    what has happened to this guy? i loved his debut so much, but then everything went downhill, his new stuff is dreadful. @benAdicction: "Ah yes, the classic fan-boyism of getting upset at an amazing artist for veering slightly from a previous release." actually, the argument you're using is the MUCH bigger fan-boyism.
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    I honestly don't mind the new direction he's taking either. These are the kinds of songs he wants to sing live, and if you catch him live you'll realize that this is the kind of artist he wants to be. I can't wait to catch him again.
  • Avatar for benAddiction
    Just finished up the first play through and I am absolutely floored how anyone would be left feeling unsatisfied with this release. 9/10 no doubt.
  • Avatar for benAddiction
    Ah yes, the classic fan-boyism of getting upset at an amazing artist for veering slightly from a previous release. If anyone knew what it's like being a musician and creating art, you'd never sit here on your soap box and cry "it's not like the last album". Two tracks in and this still has the classic Twin Shadow feel with a twist of some radio/main stream pop influence. Get over it kids, this man is extremely talented. Be grateful we still have artists like this out there.
  • Avatar for keinenglisch
    while not as drastic a change, this is the equivalent of Goldfrapp following Seventh Tree with Head First; it's showy and bright with a cheesy, bombastic 80s pop/rock influence. not a bad album.
  • Avatar for Empathy82
    Turn Me Up ist sehr geil!
  • Avatar for BigSimo
    Pretty horrific response to what is certainly not a "giant pile of horse manure". While this is a new sound, it's not a massive departure from his previous stuff. It's embracing more of that 80s cheese but his instrumentation is as always refreshing and takes the edge off that cheese, so what we're left with is a collection of very pretty, very catchy songs. When the Lights Turn Out is probably the highlight for me so far, but there's a lot of listening to be done...


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