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  • I am not a member of the band but fans of Turmoil should check out Axis https://goodfightent.bandcamp.com/album/show-your-greed
  • they played This is hardcore, with Jon back on vocals. Maybe they'll finish that fucking album?!!? (they didn't say shit about it at the show)
  • It is, just saw them last night, they sounded great !
  • So does anyone know if Turmoil is still a band or not?
  • Awesome
  • LOL @ Dark Ambient tag.
  • I agree to the dude below me.
  • So one of the greatest hardcore bands to ever exist gets around 100 plays a week? This is upsetting.
  • agree with the Foundation comparison
  • злые
  • Been a fan of Turmoil for years. Saw a band called Foundation play in London last week. They reminded me of Turmoil loads. Check them out!
  • Fans of Turmoil should definitely check out Advent!
  • schardcore dot blogspot dot com
  • They sound like southern rock metalcore now with the addition of that "everybody's favourite darling" cupcake.
  • Buy them.
  • can anyone help me with a link to the albums anchor and who says time heals all wounds? please get back to me,thanks
  • First 2 tracks from Who Says Time Heals All Wounds? are awesome!
  • I was in Pittsburgh when the dude got body-slammed over the table. Miss that shit!
  • fantastic.
  • your last show was crippling all 1.5 songs
  • Had the pleasure of supporting Turmoil in Yeovil UK a year ago, had not seen their live set before then. Was properly blown away with how good this band were, they stood out from all the already good metal bands at the time.
  • Hmm just read the myspace blogg about new cd beein finnished but they search for singer, so Jon Gula left? :'((( <(3 http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=23433008&blogID=439932901
  • Oh =/ i hope they will pull their thumbs out of their asses and do something soon, would be a shame if they dropped off the surface again like after the process of release :( miss these guys so badly >_< awesome live band and for me atleast, top in their genre of fellow hardcore bands...
  • . . . .and I was COMPLETELY wrong on that one. Eulogy don't even have anything about it on their website. (I mean, c'mon, they're the only good band ON that label now. . what's the deal?!!?)
  • kewl thx mate, ill keep my eyes open ^^ \m/
  • 27th of this month (same day as shai hulud)
  • when is new cd comming out? i neeeeed new shit from turmoil im one of there biggest oldie fans :D i came out of my ears when i saw them at reunion show at linköping after 7 years of silence :P \M/ WHAAAT THEE FUUUCK AARE YOOOOU LOOOKING AT?! I WILL NOT PLAY DEAD WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT?! \m/
  • sound have gone out on top... anchor EP FTW
  • new album is gonna be FIRE!! they played stuff from it tonight. It's insane.
  • One of the best live show i've ever seen. Great hardcore band with an original sound a power I've rarely experienced live.
  • I agree. I really like the ambient songs, but of course their normal songs are great too !!!
  • The tracks u can listen to is not this Turmoil lol & i agree with below, been a big fan of Turmoil ever sience they started and i was so fuckin happy when they came to my home town to play at there reunion witch was a kickass show..next time they came back it was basically no pplz there so it diddnt do them right, the live experience..i hope they come back again or nearby to tear it up again \m/
  • How the fuck is this shoutbox virtually empty? Turmoil are fucking awesome.
  • Definitely one of my favs ATM...

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