• Jeffrey Lewis's A History of Punk on the Lower East Side

    5 Feb 2009, 16:09 by stalactite

    One of my very favourite songs is Jeffrey Lewis's The History of Punk on the Lower East Side. From the early folk compiler Harry Smith through to New York Dolls he brilliantly runs through the story of the development of the music that eventually led to punk with little renditions of some of the standout tracks.

    Here I've set out Jeff's words and included a download of as many of the songs or songs by the artists mentioned as I can - including, of course, a download of A History of Punk on the Lower East Side itself. Check out Jeff's site here

    "OK. This is August 26th 2004. We’re gonna try and go through this in one live take.
    The Complete History of the Development of Punk on New York's Lower East Side from 1950 to 1975.
    We start with Harry Smith in 1950, a beatnik weirdo living in New York City
    His huge collections were insane, of Easter eggs and paper airplanes
    And rare records, he had around a million and sixty