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  • Love a bit of Mr. Andriano :P
  • Hey also, does anyone know if the songs "All Night Drinks", "It's Funny that I could Hurt You" and "Spread Me Out, Rake Me In" were ever recorded? I have a bootleg of them playing those songs live and they're ridiculously awesome. I sucks I can't find anything about it.
  • @tombo352001 i have. http://forum.funkysouls.com/index.php?s=&act=ST&f=34&t=167963&st=0&#entry5402294 - try searching here
  • Classic stuff right here, so many good punk bands around Chicago in the 90s.
  • Does anyone have their demo tape? Pre-early summer? It would be awesome of you to share!
  • What's with the "polish nu metal" tag?
  • £6.99 on Amazon MP3 or £7.90 on iTunes.
  • where I can get their stuffs?
  • This band deserve much more respect than they currently enjoy.
  • Fucking amazing album.
  • ma ktoś może płytkę?
  • Dudes, i grew up in Elgin where Tuesday is originally from! They were so badass...
  • so underrated
  • omfg super punk.
  • Hey hey people! I made Tuesday a myspace, it'd be wicked awesome if you guys could check it out: http://www.myspace.com/freewheelintuesday
  • Summer Time... 99% of our time...
  • well I thought we could do it again this summer...
  • wtf there isn't no one songs?? x_X

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