• [HAR'10] - TUA

    6 Feb 2010, 17:37 by xlkmx

    Starting with my new series of highly anticipated releases 2010, is Tua with his album Stille.

    Stille is a re-release of both Inzwischen (sold-out) and Fast (free download ep) including various unreleased bonus tracks and formed to a new record. It is going to be released on February 12 via Chimperator Productions, limited to 500 copies and only available via and at the upcoming Chimperator tour. Chimperator Productions will also release the 11 Jahre Chimperator Sampler that day which will include new tracks from Die Orsons, Kaas, Maeckes, Plan B, Kodimey, vasee and TUA as well.

    1) Es ist Ok
    2) Meine Lieblingslieder
    3) Wenn man zur Sonne geht
    4) Cernij Angel
    5) Armes, reiches Land
    6) 10 Jahre Musik
    7) Hi, Speed
    8) Stille
    9) Schlechter Traum (unveröffentlicht)
    10) Dieser Junge (Juice Exclusive)
    11) Nicht mehr gewinnen
    12) Totentanz 3.29
    13) Sie (unveröffentlicht)
    14) Überholspur (splash! Exclusive)