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  • Some of the best guitar drone I've heard since Stars of the Lid.
  • This is some great stuff
  • Wow! Just realized TCOB has over 25,000 scrobbles and over 2300 listeners. WAY more than I ever expected when I posted my mindfuckery years ago. Thanks so much to all of you who've listened. I'm seriously humbled.
  • this is really good , dont know what to say more , keep it up sir !
  • True Colour Of Blood side project. http://soundcloud.com/djdrexel
  • Wow, Iconan. I'm flattered. I don't even know what to say? Thanks.
  • TRUE COLOUR OF BLOOD is the one-man-band project of Eric Kesner . What you get is ambient/drone music. It's great. What makes it so special is , that all that you hear is guitar based – no computerized soundscapes, samplers or synthesizers. The listening experience is similar to listening to "Zeit" from the year 1972 of the german electronic avantgarde band Tangerine Dream : Pure cosmic beauty. Press the repeat button and listen to these tracks over and over. To go on a journey beyond the meaning of time and space... -.-.-.-. om hari om .....
  • True Colour Of Blood - "Fifteen Years Of Guitar Drones" Now Available on iTunes and soon over 90s stores worldwide!! Shit's about to blow up like the World Trade.
  • Music for a new generation – Interesting tracks of ambient and instrumental psychedelic. -.-.-.-. om hari om .....
  • Another 1000+ listens over the past 3 months. Who are these people? Thank you and leave some feedback on your thoughts in the shoutbox or at my personal profile. Thanks again for all the listens.
  • Just gone over 20,000 plays here on Last.fm. Thanks so much to everyone who listens to True Colour Of Blood. I would never even have dreamed that it would go over 200. Thanks again!
  • Brand new song. http://iheartnoise.bandcamp.com/track/true-color-of-blood-deny-the-prophecy-edit Thanks to I Heart Noise
  • Hey NorseDave. There's a very large majority of True Colour Of Blood recordings that are available for download for free here on Last.fm. Thanks for your interest!
  • I have one song on a compilation CD
  • Thinking about recording another True Colour Of Blood album but not sure what to do with it? Don't think I'll press CDs. May just post it here and give it away for free. Would love to release some vinyl. Any ideas?
  • "RenegadeHeater" - try Glacial Movements Records.
  • Been looking for stuff that sounds like this, good to sleep to. Quiet and darkness makes music like this stand out better in the mind
  • can I whisper a shout - quietly love this - thanks -llp
  • very nice
  • great stuff!
  • New Interview. http://switty.wordpress.com/2010/01/28/interview-with-eric-kesner-of-tcob/
  • great
  • This is truly great. The type of ambient I really like.
  • nice sounds, and welcome to: http://www.lastfm/music/Pterodata experimental stuff for your kind experience :)
  • Its a disease. I cant stop listening. I dont know why!!!!! /Jocke - Protoplasmic reversion
  • Very intriguing new dark ambient!

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