• v.a. psylightXplosion (Northern Psylight, 2006)

    27 Jan 2007, 11:27 by Unspeakable

    wow, wow and wow once more time! here we have an outstanding psychedelic compilation of Northern Psylight Records that was established in Norway in 2005. This is first release of this label and i hope that their future releases would be just as great as this one.

    please proceed to full english review by spytooned psytones by clicking here

    Braincell – New Way To Think
    Trold – Kick’n Carries
    Uruz – Dimension Of The Mind
    Imaginary Sight – Organismic
    Trold – Wonder & Amazement
    Uruz Vs. Ansuz - Gibo
    Mental Spark Vs. Killer Buds – Sparkling Bud
    Ansuz Vs. Uruz - Melana
    Yab Yum – Felicidade (Total RMX)

    здравствуйте! сегодня у нас для вас ревью замечательного сборника от компании Northern Psylight Records. Это первый релиз студии, которая была создана в Норвегии в 2005 году.

    для русских пользователей: мой перевод текста читайте здесь
  • v.a. - Yggdrasil (Yggdrasil rec., norway) - promo release - free download

    13 Oct 2005, 14:05 by Unspeakable

    hi! today there are some good news from norway. new label yggdrasil rec. presents free download of its first promo release with the same name - yggdrasil.
    disc featuring both new and established norwegian psy-artists. you can get tracks in:
    full quality - wav-files
    mp3 quality 320 kbps - mp3-files
    clips in 128 kbps for 2 minutes long - clip

    PhasePhour - evolution of space
    Heggmatech - there is a place
    Trold - fruit juice
    Krussedull - lord vader
    Tech Republic - the incredible machine
    Phobium - self interest
    Loke - twisted nerve
    Psy-Fi - wind

    thanks Phobium for organization and other artists for sharing their tracks for free.