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  • Avatar for Galchenyuk
    That ending is so heavy
  • Avatar for corpsetastic
    What a riff the pre-chorus is, this record has aged brilliantly, I still completely enjoy it and Matt was what, 19 lol.
  • Avatar for mktucker41
    The song that got me into this band!
  • Avatar for sancezz
    Such a great way to begin a stereotypical metalcore album. That is, by completely flaunting expectations by introducing melody almost immediately, and then again by continuing the song into a heavy ending after one expects it to finish from the melodic section. Absolutely brilliant.
  • Avatar for sanicdaheghod
    Best song off Ascendancy, aside from Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr. c:
  • Avatar for bloodgrave45
  • Avatar for musicishorrible
  • Avatar for ProgPro96
    I need to see Trivium in concert again. [3]
  • Avatar for LawLieTicp
    I need to see Trivium in concert again. [2] Trivium is amazing live. I saw them a couple of years ago. It was amazing.
  • Avatar for LawLieTicp
    I don't care what anyone says. Trivium is fucking amazing. They're one of the only true modern Metal bands that get mainstream attention. [2]
  • Avatar for shroomer1999
  • Avatar for Spiffy_McNigs
    I don't care what anyone says. Trivium is fucking amazing. They're one of the only true modern Metal bands that get mainstream attention.
  • Avatar for forfrosne
    I love everything except the chorus
  • Avatar for IFightPriests
    Haven't listened to Trivium in a while. This song is pretty awesome though.
  • Avatar for shanealanmay
    What is JIU?
  • Avatar for Blaze-Shadow
    -To those who care, I am sad to report that JIU is crumbling, Xather is close to winning. Angel, me and Katriska are the only ones left. Don't give up hope. We are still fighting. We will still win. Those we lost many great men and women, we are still here. Still fighting for what be believe in. Remember, always ear what you don't understand because it often isn't what you think it is. -Blaze Shadowthorn
  • Avatar for reaperyoshi
    I need to see Trivium in concert again.
  • Avatar for MateusNobre
    Ascedancy will always be (BE!) the album that kills me truly (TRULY!)
  • Avatar for Theladorn
    Love this song!
  • Avatar for Alteration11
    Immortal song !
  • Avatar for Metallimaster
    Thrashy, heavy, badass
  • Avatar for Arwath
    This is the shit.
  • Avatar for corpsetastic
  • Avatar for kool_ambo
    Perfect example of how the song can be ruined!! \m/
  • Avatar for TOXXIC66
    Sick Shit!!
  • Avatar for thevagabond72
    cool shittt...
  • Avatar for jmora8888
    same here zman
  • Avatar for kospley
    Absolution at the sight of your demise. I know what i must do. swallow every blasphemy, eat out your heart and make it bleed. BEST PART
  • Avatar for Ivanmckt
    @zman962005 mines was Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr : D
  • Avatar for zman962005
    very first trivium song i herd
  • Avatar for corpsetastic
    the lyrics are shit but it's a good song, band has better ones but great energy here.
  • Avatar for Apocalyptikz
    Trivium! Fuck yeah!
  • Avatar for shroomer1999
    awesome band, love this song
  • Avatar for dragonchr1s
    Love the into to this track. I prefer the clean singing though to their screaming.
  • Avatar for RebornXX
    Fuck Yeah!!! [2] Killer Song!
  • Avatar for VeneficaAgony
    I don't even like metalcore, but I love these guys. They're just different from that other childish shit metalcore bands play. They actually have interesting subject matter in their songs and sound more mature than say...Avenged Sevenfold and shit.
  • Avatar for corpsetastic
    great opener
  • Avatar for xMetalHead56x
    Matt heafy plays an insane intro with guitar so hard to play! lol
  • Avatar for FenrisDoom
    Fuck Yeah!!!
  • Avatar for paynexkiller
    This got me a distinction in media: what does people think? :)
  • Avatar for JustinSane1919
    aWsUm LIVE!
  • Avatar for IGLOOOFPWNAGE
  • Avatar for lushspooky
  • Avatar for irock50
    great band to see live.
  • Avatar for alinerockbullet
    Trivium man!! GREAT \m/ best song *o*
  • Avatar for Tyworks101
    Mega metal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YEAH.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for DoNotFeedTheDog
    amazing :D seeing them in leeds next monday cant wait :)
  • Avatar for AcidMihau
    3:45 <33
  • Avatar for ZachIsSxy
    sooo good live.
  • Avatar for rickyricardo19
    trivium always kicks ass


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