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  • Avatar for corpsetastic
    If only all the bands in kerrang put in as much effort as this, kinda irritates me how trivium get lumped in with them because they're clearly far superior even if they share elements.
  • Avatar for YeezusSuburbia
    One of the first bands that got me into metal. Still love it. [5]
  • Avatar for Shaddy
    Legendary chorus(es), fantastic arrangement, superb melodies
  • Avatar for DarkMatter1975
    Saw them live supporting Maiden a couple of years ago still a good band!
  • Avatar for ConeyAllen
    still like this song tbh, although I hardly ever listen to this band anymore.
  • Avatar for ProgPro96
    One of the first bands that got me into metal. Still love it. [4]
  • Avatar for Banets
  • Avatar for CyrusBlackheart
    Cant say im a fan of Trivium, but I like this song
  • Avatar for LawLieTicp
    One of the first bands that got me into metal. Still love it. [3]
  • Avatar for zombiekaychica
    tuned in and ready to get my fill! and in other news they are pretty rad live
  • Avatar for JosephCagdason
    best chorus i've ever heard.
  • Avatar for robboelrobbo
    One of the first bands that got me into metal. Still love it. [2]
  • Avatar for Icedemon565
    One of the first bands that got me into metal. Still love it.
  • Avatar for hfb44
  • Avatar for UberAnanas
  • Avatar for dannyboy182
    Medio-core I joke.
  • Avatar for SwiftCobra2010
    One of my favourite songs of all time. Such a masterpiece. :D
  • Avatar for saint_mArs
    Hell yeah! I heard this on: Bad @$$!
  • Avatar for hammerstrikebg
    Melodic death metal riff :)
  • Avatar for kat2283
    I can't wait for Mayhem this year!!!!
  • Avatar for nazcapilot
    This might be the very song off Ascendancy, if not so then it must be near the top. >:D \m/
  • Avatar for chrisvasco23
    they havent released anything i didnt like.. the crusade was dissapointing to say the least.. but still technically the music was fantastic... it just wasnt what i wanted at the time. this song is beyond amazing
  • Avatar for iVeronica
    I liked their last album tbh.
  • Avatar for stevenhates
    there last album sucked more main stream crap
  • Avatar for rainmaker83
    This album was the first trivium album I listened to
  • Avatar for soulofhardmetal
    riffs that stick in your head
  • Avatar for rainmaker83
    awesome frcking awesome \m/
  • Avatar for TokiWartooth96
    Love this tune....Love this album....
  • Avatar for soadbyob
    Not as played as much as it should, great work Trivium
  • Avatar for stinkstankpunk
    matt Heafy is a fucking monster and tha rest of the guys too he has the most kick ass vocals ever
  • Avatar for BytchGoddess
    they were pretty good in concert...saw them w/ Slipknot...
  • Avatar for fucking6
    fucking good!
  • Avatar for mhddrumsmaster
    duuudeee... awienz... pull harder on the strings of your martyr ROCKS!!! PULL HARDER STRINGS MARTYR
  • Avatar for FuaGRaa
    видос ниче такой
  • Avatar for Bleedsade
    yes yes and yes!!!!
  • Avatar for VeneficaAgony
    This is the only metalcore band I give a fuck about, but I REALLY like Trivium. These guys are special to me!
  • Avatar for JustinSane1919
    Kick A$$ live
  • Avatar for Lethe35
    best core album.
  • Avatar for PoisonOath
    not bad, really not anything special to me tho.. what's the hype on these guys if you don't mind me asking?.. i mean, the only thing i can acually apreciate musically by these guys are the drums.. but hey, gotta have respect right. honestly to me, they seem like a trend band for some reason but i'll have to look more into them
  • Avatar for tigertrolley
    that drumming is immense
  • Avatar for Metal9901
    loove itt
  • Avatar for paynexkiller
    Does not get much better then this my friends!!
  • Avatar for DjCDsBalls
  • Avatar for EternalDeath94
    ascendancy is my fav album by these guys.
  • Avatar for Empire_Down
    how do i get people to hear our track?
  • Avatar for xDEADxMEMORYSx
  • Avatar for Jus_BLZ_uno
    yea..dey got lotta good stuff
  • Avatar for Jus_BLZ_uno
    \m/_ ^ ^ _\m/
  • Avatar for ackid94
    they sucked ever since they tryed to be like metallica and iron maiden epic fail
  • Avatar for joeeel
    probably my fav song by trivium (:


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