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    Mr Blue is so amazing. Take a cahnce on it!!!!!
  • Avatar for ad2075hh
    nice song
  • Avatar for Evenii
    like her
  • Avatar for nanda427
    ^^ nice!
  • Avatar for Janemarchetta
    I LOVE Tristan Prettyman, She played at this music event that my other favorite singer Lisa Bouchelle.... They're pretty similar actually I would love to see them play together sometime. Check her out!
  • Avatar for Willxander
    Yeah,very good !
  • Avatar for anniecka
  • Avatar for KikiCOVV
    she's my idol <3
  • Avatar for MartinThe23rd
    Madly and Don't work yourself up have become some of the most listened songs on my itunes lol
  • Avatar for dubliner85
    Wow i just discovered "Tristan Prettyman"... reminds me a lot of "Jason Mraz"... which is certainly not bad. Really great stuff!
  • Avatar for Iriska_Spongik
    maaadlyyyyy ...:))))))love
  • Avatar for Cocobaas
    madly madly madly...
  • Avatar for vargai
    nice pop
  • Avatar for xandyttk
    super gata!!!!
  • Avatar for TacklerWho
    check this out -->
  • Avatar for jpgvcrema
    2,000,000 plays!! congrats! :)
  • Avatar for ARIS3
    the story (L)
  • Avatar for Amy-Rock new pic, please vote for it!
  • Avatar for ohhhyeahhh
    she's a genius. much love for tristan! <3
  • Avatar for aroma_therapy
    Kewl last name
  • Avatar for ladybuga
    wish more people knew her here in Argentina so that I could start a petition as well, she's amazing :(
  • Avatar for GigikLi
    Brazil, let's sign a petition asking Tristan Prettyman to come to our country
  • Avatar for Cassie95
    sONG FOR THE RICH roxxxxx
  • Avatar for Krollzero
    Love Love Love is the song I always have stuck in my head when I' m doing Army busy work
  • Avatar for henriquee_t88
    More like Prettywoman, ha! [/infamousjoke]
  • Avatar for juliebubbles78
    really cute!
  • Avatar for raphaelvalente
    madly madly madly <3
  • Avatar for thatfabienne new :)
  • Avatar for PurpleVBus
    Hey Guys, Are you going to Relentless Boardmaster Festival to see Tristan Prettyman? - Details on free entry! I'm working with vINSPIRED at this year's Relentless Festival We’re on the look out for volunteers up for going to the Relentless Boardmaster Festival in Newquay: The Festival's full of extreme sports: bmxing aerial assaults, and surf competitions, and some massive bands like Cypress Hill and Calvin Harris - if you can give us just 4 hours a day helping out with photography or putting up umbrellas at the Festival we want you. The volunteers will get to enjoy the rest of the festival for free as a thank you for their time. Go to to sign up as, or for more information about the opportunities available. See you there? :)
  • Avatar for xrockangelx
    I want to be a Roxy bikini model and then break into the music business via my hot, talented singer-songwriter boyfriend too!! Haha, that'd be great..
  • Avatar for aliysiah
    Saw her last summer for the 100.5 The Zone A Day in the Zone concert, I got to admit she was pretty good. I thought it was so cute of her commenting on Nick Lachey. XD But overall she was a great performer. I wish her the best.
  • Avatar for justd0ntcare
    Her songs are so peaceful and beautiful, she's such a great musician.
  • Avatar for dreamygreen
    she is my new luv
  • Avatar for listenjessi
    i love the simplicity of blindfold~ love the lyrics for it <3 'your love is a perfect blindfold for me' =)
  • Avatar for hitbastank
    fancy her recently
  • Avatar for cgmangosunshine
    I hear about of Rachel Yamagata in that voice...anyone else? Well, very nice musica, me gusta mucho!
  • Avatar for Kemez
    This is one of my all time beloved artists and I think that most of you will like bands that appear on the chart: . All bands there are choosen from thousands and are the best ones on the web. If You don't agree simply vote. And the best thing is that you can download them legally right away!
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  • Avatar for duh16
    Beauty songs!!!
  • Avatar for jmoore55
    Her soulful sound belies her youth.
  • Avatar for TeenCreddyJem
    We Want The Tristan Music in ITALY! TWENTYTHREE and Hello...x Wasn't Released in Italy!!!!!!
  • Avatar for hogefan
    She is crazy hot!
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  • Avatar for Duendi-Lochness
  • Avatar for alullaby
    She is so pretty :) and her songs are wonderful !!!
  • Avatar for frequencyskye
    i love the sound and the vibe ... definitely adding you to my new faves!
  • Avatar for maerchen98
    einfach nur schön!
  • Avatar for octabelly
    Sweet! I could listen to her all night!


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