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  • Avatar for mynameisGYUI
    great artist ! lovers of chillout music will definitely enjoy our media project we have interviews, news, events calendar and even !
  • Avatar for SolarLoop
    One of my faves! Top sounds!
  • Avatar for nephand_x
    This music should be experienced live.
  • Avatar for lesinlondon
    Ooooh, I like these magical sounds. Remixed versions are also very nice!
  • Avatar for chillyspider
    Propulsion EP is brilliant!
  • Avatar for Marchello_music
    Thanks for magic brilliant live at chill dome at Ozora 2014 ^_^
  • Avatar for DARi05
    Tripswitch is psychill`s living legend! Thank you for your acts at O.Z.O.R.A., I wonder why you`re still not on the line-up for S.U.N. Festival 2014? I dearly missed you from the 1st edition also [2013]. Is this a contract issue [exclusivity, perhaps?] - or does anybody know? Thank you for the masterpieces! Your productions are astonishing.
  • Avatar for fungi_telepathy
    Great music as an eclectic odyssey .... for more similar journeys also visit! - all about psychill downtempo ambient ~!~
  • Avatar for mynameisGYUI
    great music, more music like this at :)
  • Avatar for crownanchor
    quite kool.......
  • Avatar for CosmicPi
    This guy is awesome.
  • Avatar for Krumbumbes
    Было бы здорово на Озора его услышать )
  • Avatar for acsace
    Excellent music. All I can say is hats off to you man. One of the best.
  • Avatar for aginggirl
    Really the best!
  • Avatar for misterpockets
    He is playing at the Symbiosis Pyramid Eclipse Festival in May.
  • Avatar for Van_Vicious
    long live MDS
  • Avatar for digitalhuxley
    I've been loving this guy. He just keeps bringing it. His stuff has a pretty mathematical quality to it, but he keeps it organic too in a beautiful way. Great to listen to if you are between the veils and there's that whole vibe going on, but I still love it driving off into the countryside on a Friday night.
  • Avatar for knezova
    thank you 4 ozora 2012.
  • Avatar for allsoppy4
    Pure bliss
  • Avatar for isitbeer30yet
    F to the yes
  • Avatar for zenmind_3k
    One of the best in psychill!
  • Avatar for AlexXxandra88
  • Avatar for Shponglation
    Perfect music for any occasion:))) Not just background music......
  • Avatar for boo-999
  • Avatar for Haysabenevides
    woooow ! muito bom !
  • Avatar for spLiFF22
    Concentric Circles is my choice for sure.. That female vocal is giving me...literally hard time.
  • Avatar for rvr1013
    Thanks for removing those self-promoting metal faggots off the main pic.
  • Avatar for eTripper
    "Geometry" by Tripswitch is one of the better downtempo albums. Definitely see the influences of Ulrich Schnauss, and Mystical Sun. Best cuts: Goldbach's conjecture, Stereogram, and Tesselation. Individual cuts would be good on a diverse electronic playlist featuring artists like: Joy Wants Eternity, Kiss & Fly, Yonderboi, Bursers, Helios, you get the picture.
  • Avatar for allsoppy4
    Bit unfair on the psy tripswitch to completely take over a page like this.... he is obv the more popular with more plays etc. wnd you ahve just compeltely dominated this page... dont get me wrong I don't have a problem with the metal tripswitch and would'nt midn them taking voer the page if they were the more popular but unfortunatly for them the other prevales
  • Avatar for lillobike
    i love your music....., silver (ott remix ) is fantastic track for my lesson of spinning ( warm up )
  • Avatar for MidBozz
    Holy shit yes! I cant stop listening to Harmonic Mean, Its just the greatest!
  • Avatar for Akana_
    Very talented artist
  • Avatar for Starbringer
    I got trolled by the free MP3:s, now I'm feeling a bit sad. Or it might be some Tripswitch' secondary project, eh?
  • Avatar for Rebel-Angel
    WTF? o.O What are these free mp3's, dear!? 'Coz certainly it's not Tripswitch :>
  • Avatar for Arcus28
    Love the Collaboration with Natasha Taylor! Shes got such a sexy voice!!!
  • Avatar for Niggahrz
    I absolutely adore his new album!
  • Avatar for Barty1958
    Tripswitch new album out now- A departure in some ways to Circuit Breaker but a smooth and super ambient bliss sound. Well recommended.
  • Avatar for kapsymil
    patrzcie co gosc ma dlulga dlon
  • Avatar for Woodawgy
    Tracklist and more info about the mix mentioned below can be found here:
  • Avatar for Woodawgy
    Diggin the new album. Also checkout this fantastic 80min mix he released available here:
  • Avatar for darkgnome
  • Avatar for redgloam
    Why are the free featured tracks heavy metal? Is anyone else as confused as I am??
  • Avatar for exotic248
  • Avatar for straygod
    Очень хорошая музыка
  • Avatar for Yeti_Corb
  • Avatar for Demony
    Новый альбом изумительно прекрасен!!!
  • Avatar for tarkmeenia
    Tesselation is highlight?!
  • Avatar for kalbarofficial \o/
  • Avatar for red-green-blue
  • Avatar for Skullsucker
    feels so good.


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