• The Bible and Big Pun: Fact and Fiction

    22 May 2006, 06:44 by JuggernautBitch

    I have come to the conclusion that the man known as Big Punisher must have been the messiah, if you like to pretend that the Bible is real. I have reached this conclusion through careful study of his lyrics, and also, through my own interpretation of what is said within the pages of the Bible (which I will refer to as fiction from hereon in).

    Ok, we all know that Big Pun headed up the group Terror Squad, and I wouldn't say it's a stretch to go as far as calling them his disciples. Let's not get caught up in exact numbers and things like that. That'd be stupid and pointless, and thus, not have a place within the body of this entry. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that Fat Joe was the ring-leader in TS. Well maybe, but wasn't God also the supposed ring-leader of a religion? Until who came along? Exactly, Big Pun. He came and took the whole of the crew under his wing and promptly catapulted his faithful followers (Triple Seis, Cuban Link, Prospect, and Tony Sunshine) to stardom. …