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  • Avatar for Foggster
    so great...epic track
  • Avatar for palentin
    best song ever! [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url]
  • Avatar for Rud-Johns
    so good
  • Avatar for life4loving
    One of the best P.E. covers!!!
  • Avatar for zombinella
  • Avatar for d1gitalbybirth
    A Public Enemy cover for those who don't know. . .
  • Avatar for St8of_Emergency
    probably my favorite song from maxinquaye
  • Avatar for st_V4647_Sgr
    жииир [2]
  • Avatar for Red-Fred
    Das Wussup
  • Avatar for MLDTKBX
  • Avatar for NoooFun
    Great cover.
  • Avatar for ueberulmen
    Great riff!
  • Avatar for beanerama
  • Avatar for eremit13 as hell....
  • Avatar for tobla_de
    This is a great version - Who covers?
  • Avatar for ken23z
    frigging great!
  • Avatar for TomFreier
    love this tune.......
  • Avatar for daveandi
    HOT! HOT! HOT! (My bf hates this but I LOVE it! :p)
  • Avatar for Tag1955
    Who'd thought it,a passable cover of one of the Greatest rap trax ever,and by a Knowle West Boy to boot
  • Avatar for LilyAna_
  • Avatar for catdogfishcake
    this is what my speakers were built for love it
  • Avatar for steeveep
    Thats how u do a cover..
  • Avatar for eremit13
    sexy groovin
  • Avatar for xXPyrophorusXx
    Awesome rich, so different.
  • Avatar for Music-Ninja
    Holy Shit
  • Avatar for slidein
  • Avatar for project_dominic
    I liked the video very much when it ran on MTV. Those were the days... Great song!
  • Avatar for raffraffraff
    I'm with everybody else here it seems. This is the definitive version of Black Steel. It brings my right back to Fibber Magee's rock bar in Dublin. This tune rocked back then, and 16 years on it's lost none of its edge.
  • Avatar for kiteo
    If you hear this one first, the original's a disappointment.
  • Avatar for boehj
    classic tune.
  • Avatar for xXPyrophorusXx
    Absolute stunning interpretation of this song!
  • Avatar for viriatomata
  • Avatar for Leighalta
    My all time favorite track EVER!
  • Avatar for diogoxara
  • Avatar for jacgalvin
    this is one of the finest tracks of ALL time. That's it. Loved it forever and always will. BLISS.
  • Avatar for harrythespider
    i so love this song (both versions)
  • Avatar for m1lamb
    Martina gettin Tricky
  • Avatar for ghol473
    love it
  • Avatar for AleksandrNik
    милая,ха ха)))
  • Avatar for SOUTHERNBEATS
    brill :)
  • Avatar for Massive25
    brilliant song imho
  • Avatar for Neferteri
    Martina makes this legit!!!
  • Avatar for m_mack
    i love this song passionately
  • Avatar for PurpleAfropuffs
    Wowzer this is unexpected and I like it.
  • Avatar for shoegazer1
    quit opening the damn letters..
  • Avatar for Kormaki
    awsome !
  • Avatar for SunnNoir
    surething....they were s*ckers :P
  • Avatar for softeye
    1999 and this track is still rocking
  • Avatar for keredsnevets
    So much to teach the world of music, so little time...
  • Avatar for kabliukai
    I love it so much!!!! :D :D :D !


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