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Similar Artists

  1. name: Itsuki Minase
    circle: PURE-POLLUTION
    www: http://www.snv.jp/

  2. Arranger: Takuya Hori
    Circle: Camphor
    Homepage: http://camphor0000.blog11.fc2.com

  3. name: Urue Koreito a.k.a. yukarino
    circle: KARMART, Attrielectrock

  4. name: Kouki Izumi
    circle: AramiTama (荒御霊)

  5. Vorbis is one of two artists:

    1)Also known as OGびーふ, vorbis is a member of the circle OG-G Music Works and produces hardcore doujin music, mostly…

  6. Circle: Crossgear
    ・Composer/Arrange/Mix: tks-
    ・Project/Movie/Web/Lyric: NA2KI
    ・Composer/Arrange/Guitar: yasu

  7. name: Hiratake
    circle: <echo>PROJECT.WEB (Aftergrow)
    www: http://echoproject.xxxxxxxx.jp/

  8. Pastry is the name of more than one artist.
    1) Japanese trance arranger
    2) Italo-disco

    1) An artist from Bubble Records doujin circle…

  9. Arranger

    Circle: WhiTECHNO


  10. Kefy is an experimental electronic artist who incorporates numerous genres, often using goa, schranz, hardcore, and DnB. He publishes under the…

  11. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  12. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  13. name: REi Aer
    circle: Attrielectrock

  14. name: Nanasy
    circle: Like a rabbit
    www: http://likearabbit.web.fc2.com/

  15. Wooming (born on November 13, 1986 in Hyogo, Japan) is a Japanese guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and male vocalist, as well as the main arranger…

  16. name: Lieza
    circle: Zephill
    www: http://zephill.com/

  17. Sound Online is a doujin circle consisting of the record producer Tsukasa only.

  18. name: Okojiyo
    circle: eS=S
    www: http://ess.iza-yoi.net/

  19. Doujin Musican that make arranges of Touhou music. He also made BGM for eroge games.


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