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Trevor Jones (DOB - 23/03/49) is a South African film score composer known for his work on such films as Labyrinth, Mississippi Burning and Arachnophobia.

Randy Edelman (DOB 10/06/1947) is an American TV and film score producer who has worked on projects such as American TV show McGuyver and films such as Ghostbusters II, Twins and Kindergarden Cop.

Last of the Mohicans (1992) director Michael Mann originally asked Jones to provide an electronic score for the film but it was later decided that an orchestral score would be more appropriate for the historical drama. With a limited time span Jones hurried to re-fashion the films score for orchestra while also having to re-write musical cues due to constant re-cutting of the film. With the release date looming, Edelman was called in to score some scenes that Jones had not had time to do causing both to be credited with the films score.

However, this co-crediting meant that the popular and acclaimed score would be ineligible for consideration at the Oscars.


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