• 75K! One quarter from 100 thousand scrobbed tracks

    28 Oct 2007, 04:39 by duhg

    I've let this one slip up without much fanfare (see Placebo week at 50K mark). This is a quiet anniversary at home. Self indulgent.

    These were the lead up:
    74,997 BjörkWho Is It
    74,998 FaithlessCrazy English Summer
    74,999 FaithlessEvergreen
    75,000 Beth OrtonStars All Seem to Weep

    Stay true to the things I knew when I was younger,
    When food and love was all there left to hunger.
    It's when I stray from that truth as I grow older,
    Too much leaves an empty hollow hunger.

    I think about you on a moon lit night and the stars all seem to weep.
    When there's so much love to lose there's never any time for sleep.
    Look at me doing all these things without you we always left, And you were untrue;

    Whereas where we tried hard not to go to,
    I think that's how I finally came through.
    All the things we took for granted the words still live on in my head,
    All the times I took for granted all the words I never said,
    I think about you in the moon lit night and the stars all seem to weep.