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  1. Chaotic and raw hardcore from southern California with vocals that teeter between whining and snarling. Their discography consists of a 2012 demo…

  2. Hardcore punk band from NY/NJ.
    2010 - Spring Trash demo cassette
    2010 - Slump 7" on Katorga Works/Hesitation Wound
    2011 - Coming Of…

  3. Members of Think I Care, Waste Management, No Tolerance, Mind Eraser, The Rival Mob and a shit-ton more. Has a self-titled 12" on Painkiller Records.

  4. 1. Kremlin is hardcore punks from Toronto

    2. Kremlin is a Political Punk band from Jakarta, Indonesia

    3. Stoner rock band from Finland. Four-seated…

  5. Nihilistic hardcore hailing from Columbus, OH.


    DEMO I (self release)
    LIVE TAPE I (self release)
    LIVE TAPE II (smoke & mirrors)
    DEMO II…

  6. Making white kids mad across God's country.



  8. Nazi Dust is a hardcore band from Tampa, Florida.

  9. Omegas are a montreal based hardcore-punk band featuring an ex-member of Justice.

    The lords of slam-skank.

  10. Bay Area Hardcore Punk, Ex-Members of 86 Mentality and Streetwalkers.
    In-your-face hardcore with a garage punk twist like New Bomb Turks.

  11. Raw d-beat punk from Malmö, Sweden with members from SkitKids, Fy Fan, Herätys and Skiplickers.


  12. Philadelphia hardcore featuring members of Government Warning and Witch Hunt. Demo released in 2011 and a self titled LP in 2012 on Residue…


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