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Travis Singleton

Born: Morristown TN - Dec 31 1982
Influences: Dave Matthews Band, Michael Tolcher, The Police, Jim Croce, Peter Gabriel, Gin Blossoms, Tonic, Genesis

Singer/songwriter Travis Singleton has a voice that does not sound like John Mayer's. It does not recall Jack Johnson's. Nor does it resemble Jason Mraz's. Although comparisons to Top 40 staples can be flattering, in the cookie-cutter world of the acoustic-pop artist it can actually be a drawback. Give Singleton credit for possessing an individual vocal style—a boyish, crystalline croon that smooths out the rough edges of his spiky, unplugged riffs.

Singleton avoids another common mistake among his guitar-strumming brethren in that his tunes do not meander. Straightforward hooks propel his music, and Singleton doesn't waste a minute.

Singleton's fresh-faced voice helps give cuts such as "Old Habits" some of its sparkle, as ringing melodies knock it out of the park. "The Rise, The Fall" reveals subtle, catchy qualities through repeated spins. It has longevity with its layers of instrumental depth. "Burn" and "Numb" are immediate attention-grabbers namely because of the spear-sharpness of Singleton's acoustic guitars. Singleton's singing on "Numb" is especially good, rising above the mix with its youthful exuberance.

Singleton flirts with the mainstream rock of late '90s hitmakers Third Eye Blind without dipping too much into bubblegum. However, Singleton's unplugged riffs are absent of studio clutter, giving the songs room to breathe.

With the new single "Breathe", Singleton and his bandmates find their stride, showing a natural evolution of song structure and lyrical quality. As Travis will tell you, this song captures the essence of his writing better than any studio recording to date.

"I was introduced to Travis' music in early 2009 when was a guest on i105's Homegrown Show. I was not only impressed with him as a talented singer/songwriter, but his witty and highly entertaining stage presence made me a fan."
Tony Cox - WFIV 105.3 Knoxville TN

“2011 The Peoples Music Awards Pop Category: FINALIST (Final 2 Artists/Bands out of 2000 entries) Having spent a fair amount of time flicking through new artists, we thought it'd be nice to list a few that we think you should check out, including Travis Singleton.”
The People's Music Awards

“Travis Singleton is one of the hardest working artists I've seen. He is a true professional, and his music more than reflects that. Travis' music is straight from the heart, and mirrors his drive as an artist. He is definitely someone to follow, as you'll likely be seeing his name around town for years to come. He is a fantastic asset to the artist community, and someone that both listeners and artists should take note of.”
Rosemary Haskins - Water Works Entertainment

“Travis was a pleasure to work with in the studio. He really understood the direction he wanted his music to go. You can really tell he puts a lot of time and thought into writing his music. He is the epitome of Singer/Songwriter.” Dave Dewitt - Producer - Shed 55 Studios

"Travis Singleton’s music is both intensely sweet and wonderfully melodic; not an easy task." - A&R Select, Hollywood CA

"Acoustic pop can be among the dullest of music. Tepid lyrics and faceless vocals, not to mention slow-as-snails pacing…Thankfully, Singleton is a shiny new talent who has learned the mistakes of his contemporaries and is taking a different road." - Ink19.com
Ink 19 Magazine

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