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Trash80 is a micromusic/bitpop project from Timothy Lamb, a pioneer of independent Game Boy music. He has published several songs online under the Creative Commons License (Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works) under the Trash80 and Tresk banners.

Trash80 songs can be described as finely crafted pieces of chiptune that'll make you want to move your feet until you run out of breath, reminding you of yesterdays vision of the future you once belonged, while its fiery Game Boy bleeps and overclocked beats reset your brain and fill it with pixelated dreams, dreams of flying through a digital world, higher and higher until you reach the sun.

Tresk features harmonic piano lines, that have you drifting along in a haunting and melancolic soundscape, delivering powerful emotions unlike anything you've ever felt.

Music by Trash80 was used in the game Darwinia and he also pioneered the ProSound Gameboy modification technique.

The name "Trash80" is a reference to a slang term for the now defunct Tandy / Radio Shack computer model TRS-80.

In May 2008 the EP Icarus was released.

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