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  • Avatar for miamiscot
    Transatlantic is the best "supergroup" ever - and that includes Asia and UK.
  • Avatar for nethanael
    This band will be remembered as the beatles of our era! Super fucking Band!
  • Avatar for tsudduth24
    Amazing band
  • Avatar for naturefirst
    one of the best
  • Avatar for Leonys_Lima
    Best supergroup ever!
  • Avatar for naturefirst
    KaLIVEoskop it`s a very fantastic album HIGH ART of music an real Live MASTERPIECE !!
  • Avatar for ClassyMusicSnob
    Kaleidoscope is definitely one of the top 5 AOTY.
  • Avatar for spiderferi
    Kaleidoscope is masterpiece. and it's a FACT.
  • Avatar for Cylob
    [url=]Dream Theater or Symphony X?[/url]
  • Avatar for joaopauloC
    Épico Group !!!!
  • Avatar for P-Werchowenskij
    There are religious lyrics in music? Oh my dear God! I never recognised. Seems I never never should listen to Blues and Gospel again
  • Avatar for qlacs
    Hooked on The Whirlwind for the last 4 days immensely. Genius!
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Transatlantic
  • Avatar for flori_hedig
    German review for the new album online at "Kaleidoscope" gets 8,5 out of 10!
  • Avatar for Khefu
    Such a great live band.
  • Avatar for MetalRock1989
    Good new album 4/5.
  • Avatar for mattimek
    new album is very good!
  • Avatar for RocknReel
    Kaleidoscope Review:
  • Avatar for Flemaster
    waiting for the show in Chile!
  • Avatar for Silentw0lf
    The first time I herd it I wasn't impressed, but after listening to it, it grows on you. Each time it sounds better.
  • Avatar for escruting
    Songs like Seeds of Gold or World Without End are better than Into The Blue and Kaleidoscope combined.
  • Avatar for bjeer
    It's hard to say after only a few listens, but this might turn out to be their weakest album.
  • Avatar for lisimperator
    Suite Charlotte Pike Medley = 9,5/10! (2)
  • Avatar for rorberyllium
    That cover of Indiscipline sounds like someone doing a shreds video.
  • Avatar for chip666no1
    first listened… into the blue… not bad usual Transatlantic sound
  • Avatar for escruting
    A bit dissapointed about the album (first listen). The only part i liked was some 3-4 minutes near the end of "Kaleidoscope". Everything else left me a bit indifferent, nothing special (only listened once. I skipped Shine, ofc).
  • Avatar for escruting
  • Avatar for shamandrums
    very nice project!
  • Avatar for mattimek
    + We All Need Some Light +
  • Avatar for onthewall2983
  • Avatar for Nooradrenalin
    Uuh, Shine (both the video and the song, but the video in particular) made me feel really uncomfortable. I can be okay with songs with underlying religious themes but this was way too much! Hopefully the rest of the album won't be like this.
  • Avatar for technicalfercho
  • Avatar for Argaalofthemyst
    I feel that 'Shine' is nice if unremarkable and, yes, very Morse-y. The bulk of the album will be the two epics though and I have no doubt that they will hit a lot harder.
  • Avatar for bjeer
    The new song has me kinda worried about the coming album. Too many cheesy NM infulences. They better bring some really hard hitting prog on the rest of the tracks.
  • Avatar for MusicMagic77
    Last month, prog super group Transatlantic (Neal Morse, Ronie Stolt, Pete Trewavas, and Mike Portnoy) revealed their upcoming fourth album would be titled ‘Kaleidoscope’ and set a release date of January 28th, 2014. A few hours ago, they revealed many more details on the album via the Radiant Records website. >> First, track lengths for the main album: 1. Into the Blue (25:11) - 2. Shine (7:26) - 3. Black as the Sky (6:43) - 4. Beyond the Sun (4:29) - 5. Kaleidoscope (31:53) >> Also revealed were the bonus disc cover songs that will be included on deluxe editions of the album: 1. And You and I (Yes) (10:43) - 2. I Can’t Get It Out of My Head (ELO) (4:43) - 3. Conquistador (Procol Harum) (4:10) - 4. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John) (3:16) - 5. Tin Soldier (Small Faces) (3:21) - 6. Sylvia (Focus) (3:49) - 7. Indiscipline (King Crimson) (4:43) - 8. Knights in White Satin (The Moody Blues) (6:12)
  • Avatar for MusicMagic77
    The following configurations will be available: Standard Single Disc version, 3-Disc Special Edition Digipak (with 2 CDs and “making of” DVD), 4-disc Limited Edition Art Book (36 page book, 2 CDs, “making of” DVD, and 5.1 mix DVD), and the 3 LP + 2 CD version (all main tracks and bonus tracks on Green Vinyl). All special editions can be purchased in a bundle with the official Songbook, which is available separately. The first 200 people who pre-order any of the BUNDLES will receive an exclusive frameable graphic signed by the whole band. >> Pre-orders will begin on December 10th!
  • Avatar for edneoson
    epic band!
  • Avatar for OcellatedGod
    Transatlanticism > Transatlantic
  • Avatar for mikeonet
    Suite Charlotte Pike Medley = 9,5/10!
  • Avatar for theytsejamer
    New Album in 2014! And tours... First time South America!!!
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Ślaska dla fanów Transatlantic
  • Avatar for Sbpl
    good music, good band, some of their songs too long
  • Avatar for Insvims
    Transatlantic is confirmed for Sweden Rock Festival 2014!
  • Avatar for ever_elfin
  • Avatar for Stonificado
    The most boring and soporific prog band I've ever heard. [2]
  • Avatar for ikd-sj
    'We All Need Some Light' WONERFUL (’∀’)/
  • Avatar for pietrov91
    OK, sooo there's a confirmed info the guys are gettin' into studio in May and record some new stuff. Possible release early 2014... <digesting, digesting...> HELL YES !!!
  • Avatar for Ranunculus
    The most boring and soporific prog band I've ever heard.
  • Avatar for RodrigoDropC
    The best super group in history [3]
  • Avatar for vocodad
    3/4 of Transatlantic performing in [event=3468654]Stockholm[/event] on February 22nd. I'm SO going.


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