• [haphazard]

    2 Apr 2006, 05:59 by Sneezonaut

    So I didn't want to say the overused word "random."

    Reading the lyrics to How to Save a Life makes me want to cry. I like the flow and rhythm of The Fray
    s songs, particularly in the vocals.
    Twilight is also extremely depressing. I can't spell "Twilight." Elliott Smith is always depressing, especially now that he's dead. That was pretty blunt.
    And I don't like You're Beautiful (worst transition ever). Part of this is because people sing it at school all the time. Part of this is because the radio plays it all the time. Part of this is because the lyrics are lame and the beginning sounds like a mistake.
    I really like the lyrics to Your Every Color, Photography, and quite possibly anything that makes music blatantly visual.
    The Photo Atlas are a seeeeriously good Denver band. They're on MySpace, and I like handshake heart attack a lot.
    Kanye West is pretty cool, and Through the Wire makes me laugh. "I drink a boost for breakfast, and Ensure for dessert / Somebody ordered pancakes I just sip the sizzurp. …